The 40th episode begins with the guys talking about the interesting culture surrounding pickup games at local basketball courts before discussing the recent UFC 278 PPV event between Leon Edwards and Kamaru Usman. Over the years, not many fighters within the Welterweight division had given Leon Edwards a shot at the title, so why all of a sudden are they trying to bully their way into a fight they don’t deserve? Matt & Tanner share some possible options for the new champion before getting getting into a funny story regarding Dana White, Tom Brady, Gronk & the Las Vegas Raiders.

Outside of the UFC talk, the guys breakdown the QB situation in Pittsburgh,  who they believe will win each division, and their fantasy locks for this upcoming NFL season. Tanner shares a dark horse pick out of the AFC, Matt believes there’s a one in the NFC, and Jeff shares his go-to pick each year in the first round of his fantasy leagues. The NFL’s Top 100 was recently released by ESPN, with players who just recently entered into the league making the top 50. Who are some notable names that were snubbed? Who didn’t belong in the top 50, even with a great season last year to back it up?

Outside of the sports talk, Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss weird coincidences, charity work, Tom Cruise’s passion in the work place, the United States pumping out some of the worst movies the last couple years, and the recent cancellation of internet personality, Andrew Tate, and the possibility of us living in a simulation. Find out about this and much more in the 40th episode of The 412 Podcast!

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