The guys share what’s being going on in their lives the last couple weeks before diving into the latest from the MLB Trade Deadline. Matt shares a story of how two individuals were able to steal his wallet from him, amongst other important things, at a Planet Fitness. Because of this, he wasn’t able to see some of the notable moves that took place, like Juan Soto & Josh Bell to the Padres, Austin Riley signing a huge extension with the Braves, the Dodgers bringing in a struggling Joey Gallo, lack of moves in New York, or even a surprising move to get rid of an ace in Milwaukee.

The guys move on to the NFL and discuss all the buzz surrounding teams and their camps. A variety of videos have gone viral of QBs and their respective wide receivers, some doing a little extra in order to salvage that viral bit. The guys dive into the camps of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angelas Rams, and Miami Dolphins. This leads to Matt asking about all the different legal issues surrounding the Dolphins organization over the last few years that have recently been brought to light. Tanner elaborates on the tampering done with both Tom Brady and Sean Payton, as well as the story involving Brian Flores and whether he was informed to tank games in the 2019 NFL season. After only losing a first round draft pick, and being hit with a $1.5 million fine, is that enough to deter this from happening again in the future?

Alongside this, Matt, Jeff & Tanner discuss the legal situation regarding Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns, and the National Football League. Watson was given a 6-game suspension by a judge on Monday, but this was appealed by the NFL two days later. We now await to hear the next moves as the NFL is moving towards indefinitely suspending him from the league. What could this mean for the QB that appears to be locked in long term with the Browns franchise?

Outside of sports, the team discusses Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan, China and Russia creating their own currency, Alex Jones going to trial for Sandy Hook comments, VR porn, AI intelligence, and a few wild stories of their own. Tune in for a roller coaster on this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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