Matt and Jeff start off the show by discussing some entertaining stories surrounding Bob’s Furniture and Lowe’s. A crazy story randomly leads to the guys’ sharing their opinions on the Tua Tagovailoa injury and how it was handled by the Miami Dolphins. After two weeks of what looks like negligence on behalf of the Dolphins’ organization, the NFLPA has been conducting a further investigation into the concussion situation and whether proper protocols were met.

The first three weeks of the NFL season has been a disaster for Steelers fans, and a surprise for many others. The Bills were looking hot until the Butt Punt. The Raiders went from being a playoff favorite to the worst team in the NFL. The Broncos have a great defense, but struggle to put points on the board behind Russell Wilson. Justin Herbert is being forced to put the team on his back and now the Chargers may suffer all season long because of it. Danny Dimes has been a surprise this season, becoming a threat with both his arms and legs and leading the Giants to a 2-1 record going into Week 4. Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss the biggest surprises from the season thus far, alongside who they believe are the biggest contenders from both the AFC and NFC.

There’s been a lot of different TV shows, movies, and video games that have recently released, or will be in the near future. The guys dive into some they’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks, which lead to a variety of crazy conversations from serial killers to NASA crashing a small spacecraft directly into an asteroid. How does Tanner like the new Call of Duty Modern Warfare, after playing the beta last week? What about NBA 2K23? What’s this new Smile movie everyone keeps talking about? What are Jeff & Tanner’s impressions of the new Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story? Find out about this and much more on this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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