From the grocery store to gas stations, to even hospitals, it’s as if no one wants to work. Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss the lack of training in the workplace nowadays to begin the show before moving on to talking about the MLB All Star Break. The guys break down the MLB Home Run Derby and which teams look the best going into the halfway point of the season. Are the Cardinals in a position to pass the Brewers for first place in the NL Central? Are the defending champs able to surpass Jeff’s red hot New York Mets? With three teams capable of winning the AL Central, who does Tanner think will come out on top come October?

Outside of the baseball talk, the guys dive into the recent stories surrounding the National Football League. Deshaun Watson may be looking at a suspension by the NFL, although there’s a chance he may sue if so. Zach Wilson apparently cheated on his girlfriend with one of his mom’s smoking hot friends. Ja’Marr Chase was snubbed from Madden’s Top 10 WR list and Lamar Jackson missed out on ESPN’s Top 10 QBs going into the 2022-23 season. The guys dig into these stories, as well as who they believe will come out of the AFC East and AFC North.

Alongside the sports talk, Jeff, Matt & Tanner discuss their lives and what’s been going on as of recently in the world. What are their top 3 favorite football movies of all time? Which celebrities did they have a crush on growing up? How is one of the guys holding up after taking edibles for the first time? Find out about this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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