It’s been a while, but the guys are back and funnier than ever! They start off by talking about how life has been since the last time they’ve completed a show, while sharing their vacations they’ve all went on over the last few months. Jeff shares a funny story about his Carnival Cruise, right as ongoing concerns rose regarding the cruise named ‘Carnival Freedom’ that was docked in May due to flames erupting from the smokestack. Tanner and Matt share their fears of the ocean, while Jeff tries to bring their minds at ease.

The world has changed so much since the last the guys’ spoke, so they continue by talking about inflation and how gas prices have exceeded $5/gallon as we approach the summer months. Inflation isn’t the only issues in the world today, as we continue to see a new mass shooter on the news every week. This past week, a 21-year old by the name of Robert E. Crimo III went to the rooftop of a building and began firing upon individuals at an Independence Day parade in Highland Park, approximately 25 miles north of Chicago, killing 7 people and wounding almost 50. Tanner breaks down how everything happened, alongside the negligence of both the parents and law enforcement throughout the past few years. With many people demanding for new gun laws, this recent shooting only amplifies the need for gun reform, or at least further discussion.

Outside of the negativity of the world, the guys discuss what’s been going on in sports, but more specifically the UFC and its recent UFC 276 Pay Per View event. Tanner and Matt breakdown each of the fights from the card and give their insight into what happened and what’s to come. Sean O’Malley’s fight ended quickly due to an accidental eye poke, Max Holloway left the octagon with a loss & two badly damaged eyes, and the champion Isreal Adensanya put on yet another boring performance. Was the eye poke blown out of proportion? Could Pedro Munhoz of embellished the eye poke in an attempt to avoid a loss? Is this the last we’ll see of Holloway competing for the belt? Is there a new champion in the Featherweight division that’s here to stay? After Israel’s Undertaker walkout was more talked about than his fight, what’s next for the Middleweight Champion? Find out about this, and much more, on episode #37 of The 412 Podcast!

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