The gang get together to discuss how an undercover journalist for Project Veritas was able to get key information on CNN from a Technical Director by the name of Charlie Chester. The information proves that CNN had used anti-Trump propaganda to ensure that Biden won the 2020 Presidential Election. It was also found out that CNN purposely withholds  and manipulates information to spread fear and chaos throughout the world in order to meet certain types of agendas. The team share all the information they’ve been able to gather up to make you aware of just how biased, and in the pockets of the rich and powerful, CNN and other news agencies really are. How was Project Veritas able to obtain this information from a CNN Technical Director? What exactly was discovered and how damaging is it for not only CNN, but the world as well? What’s it take to influence 7 billion people? Who’s inside ‘The Room’ of people that make the decisions for CNN? There’s rumors of a “Red Phone” that is answered at CNN, and once answered whatever is said on that line is what the news channel must pass along to the world. Who exactly is on the opposite end of this phone? Could this be a “secret society” or some form of government that is put together to manipulate “We the People” for their own personal gain? 

Alongside this, the guys discuss hype surrounding GTA 6, Aaron Donald fight rumors. Ben Askren vs Jake Paul, and the recent success investors are having if they’ve put any money in Doge on the stock market. What is the recent information surrounding Rockstar’s next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series? Was Aaron Donald at fault for a recent fight in Pittsburgh that left an individual with a busted eye? On April 17, who will win the boxing match between a YouTube star and a former MMA fighter? With the recent success of Doge Coin on the stock market, how successful have the guys from the podcast been since Doge is on course to meet $1 possibly sooner than everyone may have thought? 

Throughout the discussion all of these topics, the team also find time for banter about a Karen who exploded at Matt’s work place, Tanner writing an emotional support letter for one of his patients, a funny story surrounding a FBI background check, and past Beer Olympics the guys have been involved in. Find out about this, and so much more, in this episode of the podcast! 

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