The team start off by talking about the recent voting laws in Georgia, the outrage behind it, and the MLB deciding to move the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver because of it. This conversation leads the guys to debate vaccines, as well as discuss the best teams going into opening week of Major League Baseball. As vaccines become more mainstream, will you eventually have to get one? If you decide not to become vaccinated, will your life be inconvenienced in some way? The Pirates have been struggling, as of late, and it appears as though they're the worst team in all of baseball. With the Pirates appearing to be a sure bet for last place in the NL Central, which team has the best chance to take the division this year? 

Alongside this, the guys discuss the NFL free agency and the sexual assault allegations surrounding the Houston Texans quarterback, Deshaun Watson.  With 22 women coming out to testify against Watson, the team share their thoughts on everything surrounding the situation. In regards to the NFL Draft, which quarterbacks do the guys think will come off the board first? With Sam Darnold being traded to the Panthers, what are the chances they'd be willing to trade their eighth pick? Which off-season team interview did Najee Harris, running back from the University of Alabama, enjoy the most? With the Atlanta Falcons restructuring Matt Ryan's contract, why would they allow Alex Mack to get away and be signed by the San Francisco 49ers? 

Find out about this, and much more, in this hilarious episode of the podcast where every time the guys start off talking about something within sports, the conversation always ends up turning into bizarre banter between Jeff, Matt, and Tanner. 

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