The 2021 NFL Draft is upon us! The gang get together to discuss where they think certain players will end up prior to the start of the draft. How would you rank the top 5 QBs in this years draft? Which of these QBs is most likely to be successful once they’re in the NFL? With this draft class being very O-Line heavy, which teams are more likely to draft one prior to filling other needs within their team? Will the Pittsburgh Steelers draft O-Line in round one, or will they surprise some people and draft their future RB1 with Najee Harris or Travis Etienne Jr? Which teams will trade up to try and draft their future star? 

Alongside this, Matt shares a hilarious story of when he and Jeff went out to the bars in Pittsburgh, Jeff gives his opinion on the new Mortal Kombat movie that have very mixed reviews right now, and Tanner breaks down an embarrassing moment he experienced at Men’s Wearhouse! Find out about this, and so much more, on this episode of The 412 Podcast! 

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