The guys start off 2022 with Matt asking Jeff and Tanner a question they didn’t expect. With the new covid variant Delacron being created because of a mishap in a lab, Tanner asks the question of why the hell are we handling viruses so carelessly, especially as we’re now almost three years into a pandemic from arguably this same negligence? He’s watched enough Resident Evil in his day to know that if you’re going to play with that stuff, go underground and do it. With restrictions in the United States due to covid lessoning, countries like Canada are boarding up their walls and keeping their citizens away from the possibility of infection. The guys share how Canada’s free health care could be the reasoning for the recent, harsh restrictions compared to other places in the world.

President Biden has openly come out and expressed how he has influenced major social media platforms into censoring content that he, and the people in office, don’t appreciate and believe to be true. This censoring on platforms like Twitter has resulted in a new social media platform called GETTR to climb its way up the charts, as it approached 4 million active users within 6 months.

Content Creators are taking the world by storm and a new Netflix documentary series, Hype House, has people that much more interested in the new way to make money each month. Tanner shares his opinion on the new TV series, alongside why he believes the owner of Hype House, Thomas, is a con man and also how he, Netflix, and TikTok are all to blame for their solicitation of minors. Even though this is going on, it doesn’t seem like much will be done. At one point in the show, an 18-year old on the show shared how artist Miley Cyrus DM’d him on social media, showcasing interest in him while he was underage. This same guy also said to Thomas that he’s the reason that “kids” come to the Hype House, so yeah… it’s weird.

Outside of the news the world doesn’t want you to know about, Jeff, Matt, and Tanner also discuss the 2021-22 NFL Playoffs and give their opinions on who could win each NFL Seasonal Award. Who will win NFL MVP? Will the Steelers find a way to defeat the Chiefs? Will Tom Brady be able to defeat a tough Philadelphia defense? Should we be expecting a shoot out between the Cardinals and Rams? Are the 49ers a dark horse in the NFC? Find out about this, and so much more, in the most vulgar episode of The 412 Podcast to date.

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