Urban Meyer signed a 5-year contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars in January of 2021. Not even a year into the contract and he’s been fired by the team. The guys dig into all of the issues surrounding the former NFL coach, who appeared to have something negative surrounding him every single week.

A more successful coach in the media spotlight, though, is Deion Sanders out of Jackson State. We learned this past week that the team was able to secure the #2 recruit in the nation, Travis Hunter. With these coaches appearing to be polar opposites, Jeff introduces the question of who would you rather play for – Urban Meyer or Deion Sanders? With the new NIL deals in college sports, will we begin to see more players being influenced to attend schools like JSU, creating a more, even playing field throughout college sports?

Jackson Mahomes went to social media this week to bash SoT Bar in Kansas City for not accommodating his large party. The bar came out with a social media post of their own, explaining the situation in more detail and completely torching Jackson in the process. The guys break down this story and give you some funny details surrounding the whole ordeal.

Alongside the NFL talk, the guys discuss how Jake Paul is in the news again as he takes on Tyron Woodley for the second time. We expected to see Paul fight Tommy Fury, but due to injury he had to pull out. Paul reached out to Tyron Woodley and the two set up their rematch. Rumors went viral over the last year that the Paul brothers don’t allow for their opponents to knock them out, so an interesting change in the Paul vs Woodley II was made. Paul has stated that $500,000 would be awarded to Tyron Woodley if he were to knock the YouTube star out at any point in their match, squashing the speculation that his fights are fake prior to their match on December 18, 2021. 

Find out about this, and much more, on the 34th episode of The 412 Podcast!

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