This episode of the podcast starts off with the gang talking about different urban legends, skin-walkers, and for whatever reason – serial killers. What are skin-walkers? What are some of the urban legends and stories surrounding these human-like creatures? Why aren't more people talking about active serial killers? With another movie about Ted Bundy coming out this month, has Hollywood gone too far with glorifying serial killers?

Alongside this the guys talk about Week 1 of the 2021-22 NFL regular season and also discuss how Jeff will begin birthing babies in nursing school starting this week. How will each of the rookie quarterbacks do going into their first game? What are each of the guys' top 5 teams out of the AFC and NFC? Who has the best chance of winning the MVP this year? How is Jeff preparing for the next stage of nursing school?

Find out about this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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