Matt and Tanner start off by congratulating Jeff on his final for nursing school, which eventually turns into banter about President Biden, the different COVID-19 delta variants, vaccines, and the issues going on in Afghanistan. Is there a chance that we'll be returning to some form of a lock down? Will the American people be forced to get a vaccine in the near future? With Jeff getting the second round of the vaccine this week, why will he not be considered “fully-vaccinated” in just a short period of time after? What's the booster he'll be needing in the future? What are Tanner's thoughts on what's taking place in the middle east? Was an error made by the United States by pulling the troops in May of this year and ultimately abandoning Afghanistan, as well as its people?

Alongside this, the team discusses Weeks 1 and 2 of the NFL Preseason, OnlyFans no longer wanting to support sexual content on their platform, how ridiculous a 'Workers Tax' is, and they also debate about the best reality television shows. Will the Chicago Bears be starting QB Andy Dalton, or the promising rookie in Justin Fields? Does Matt think it's a good idea for Baker Mayfield to bet on himself this year before landing a major contract? Why does Tanner seem to think the Patriots are going to be a major threat this year in the AFC? Should we cancel Jack Morris after his comments made about Shohei Otani as he was broadcasting? Does OnlyFans have any chance of success if they no longer support nudity on their platform? Which one of the guys enjoy Floribama Shore, while the other thinks Below Deck is the best reality television show?

Find out about all of this, and so much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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