Season 3 is upon us and the guys discuss the NBA Playoffs, more specifically the Phoenix Suns, and also share their opinions on the actions of USA Olympian, Gwen Berry. With injuries impacting both the Bucks and Hawks, which team has the better chance of moving on? Do the Suns have the easiest path to winning the championship? Is Gwen Berry in the wrong for what she did this past weekend as she represented the United States? 

Alongside this, the guys also discuss the Deep State, problems regarding homelessness, how to survive in the wild, colonizing Mars, and the rich elite. What are some things going on in the world that appear as though there’s a Deep State behind the scenes? With homelessness taking over in almost every major city, what are some suggestions the guys’ have regarding how to fix the issue? How would Tanner, Matt, and Jeff build a fire if they were stranded in the middle of nowhere? What are the future plans for billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Robert Johnson? Find out about this, and much more, in the Season 3 premiere of The 412 Podcast! 

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