As we go into June, the guys discuss the NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as the issues surrounding Robert Morris University and their hockey programs. What's going on in Los Angeles as both the Lakers and Clippers struggle in each of their first round series? Are these Suns capable of winning it all? Are the Nets too good to lose? Who's to blame for the Pittsburgh Penguins' early exit? Who's most likely to win the Stanley Cup as we approach Round 2?  Why would Robert Morris eliminate both the Mens and Women's Hockey programs? What is Chris Howard's reasoning for doing this and does he have some type of malicious agenda? With the lack of transparency between the school and its students, the guys try and breakdown everything surrounding the situation at Robert Morris.

Alongside this, Matt asks the guys, “If you were to have sex with anyone in the world, and they died right afterwards, who would it be?” This leads to hilarious banter, as the guys attempt to select people for the “greater” good. But prepare, because Jeff's pick may surprise you. After this question, the guys dive into topics that many people are shying away from in the media today due to “Woke Culture” and the fear of being canceled. What are the guys opinions on transgender people in sports? Should biological males be allowed to play in female sports, or does that create an issue for biological females who are trying to compete? Should they create their own league? Why would anyone want to join Scientology? Why have people like Tom Cruise done so? With all of the controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology, what are some things the guys have heard regarding the darker aspects of the religion?

Find out about all of this, and much more, in this episode of The 412 Podcast!

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