Your Team And Me: NFC West

Past, Present & Future – Arizona Cardinals

Previously on the Arizona Cardinals…

11-6 with a major butt whooping by the eventual Super Bowl champions in the Wild Card. The Cardinals opened the season with 7 straight wins, but would eventually collapse, as they lost 4 of their last 6 – which included a road loss to lowly Detroit. Their last game of the season was a 38-30 defeat in a home game against Seattle. Maturity is the word of the season. Deandre Hopkins had a mild sauce seasoning of a season as this potential hall of fame wide receiver broke for only 800+ yards and 8 TD’s while playing in only 10 games.

James Conner turned out to be a huge addition as he exploded for 15 TD’s in 15 games. He looked lean and mobile, but also carried a deceiving pair of hands that make him a matchup nightmare as a receiver. He was the thunder to Chase Edmonds, who was the lightning with his speed and agility. AJ Green suited up for numerous games but his playmaking ability and consistent play were nowhere to be found. Longtime backup Colt McCoy filled in nicely when Kyler was injured for 3 games. Zach Ertz is still pretty solid and made for a nice 1-2 combo with Maxx Williams when healthy. Chandler Jones and Markus Golden combined for 21.5 sacks. 

Currently on the Arizona Cardinals…

Kyler Murray, who entered the league in 2019, just got paid by the Cardinals and will be the franchise quarterback for the foreseeable future. This happened after a chaotic offseason between Kyler and the Cardinals which featured constant tabloid drama and speculation of Kyler’s social media stance when he deleted pictures of anything Arizona Cardinals related. Christian Kirk got paid heavily after he left the desert to join the Jacksonville Jaguars in free agency. Chase Edmonds is no longer with the team as he jetted to Florida to be with Tua on the Dolphins.  Eno Benjamin fills that void as the speedy youngster pairs with Conner to form a dangerous backfield. Trey McBride, a 1st round pick from Colorado State, joins this team as a very talented tight end who could work his way into a significant role early on, as Deandre Hopkins will be suspended the first half of the season due to a banned substance violation. Jordan Hicks is gone from the linebacker position, and he was a solid piece to the Cardinals puzzle. Chandler Jones leaving for Vegas leaves a void on the defensive line. On the bright side, Byron Murphy Jr, Isaiah Simmons, and Budda Baker combine for a deadly secondary, as they can all ball in the NFL. JJ Watt is healthy and maybe has some quality games in him before injuries strike again. This is going to be a test of patience and belief as Kliff has his hands full this season to try and not only replicate last season, but also push for that Super Bowl. It doesn’t help when one of your big acquisitions, Marquise Brown from the Ravens, was busted by Arizona PD for criminal speeding in August. 

Upcoming on the Arizona Cardinals…

Arizona will have to win out in the NFC West against two tough teams in the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers. Seattle has got to be two easy wins for the Cardinals, who will need every conference win they can get. Their win total is 8.5 and the odds for Super Bowl win are +3000. 

Week 1 vs Kansas City Home opener vs one of the best AFC has to offer. Patrick Mahomes may have lost Tyreek Hill to Miami, but Travis Kelce still remains a threat as the future hall of fame tight end will see more targets. The Chiefs defensive line is pretty tough, so Kyler should get a nice cardio circuit as he scrambles for space. Needless to say, this would be a massive win that could shift the momentum of the franchise.

Week 2 @ Las Vegas Josh McDaniels takes over the Derek Carr led Raiders and looks to build on a competitive roster. Insert Devante Adams, who joins from Green Bay, and former Cardinal Chandler Jones. This should be a hard-fought win for the Cardinals unless the secondary collapses and Carr to Adams can’t be stopped. 

Week 3 vs Los Angeles – At home vs the defending Super Bowl champions and NFC West rival. The Cardinals have got to expect to win at least one game vs the Rams out of 2 matchups, so a home win against the toughest team in football would be a major boost and better than traveling for the 1st win.

Week 4 @ Carolina – This is a game that should be easy unless Baker Mayfield is able to set up the trap with his new team. The Panthers are severely lacking playmakers on both sides of the ball, and I expect Kyler to have a great game as the Cardinals win by 14.

Week 5 vs Philadelphia – Jalen Hurts leads an upgraded Eagles unit with AJ Brown mixed into the Philly fold. This should be a great game between two hard-nosed teams with young, talented quarterbacks.

Week 6 @ Seattle – Another easy win that should be fully taken advantage of as they travel to Seattle. Geno Smith or Drew Lock are expected to be the long-term answers for QB but I highly doubt they make a dent in the Cardinals playoff wagon. 

Week 7 vs New Orleans – Jameis Winston should throw 3 picks against the Cardinals tough secondary, and we all know that Jameis has done it multiple times. Kyler is lined up for a tough game as well, as the Saints have a top 10 defense. This will be a battle between quality NFC opponents. 

Week 8 @ Minnesota – Kirk Cousins has Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen to throw to while Dalvin Cook batters the defensive line of any opponent. The Cardinals defense will be facing one of their toughest challenges this season and it doesn’t help that they are on the road. 

Week 9 vs Seattle – At home in this round 2 matchup vs an easy NFC West opponent. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Week 10 @ Rams – Cardinals will travel to California as they go into the home of the Rams. As I said, they must win at least 1 game vs the Rams to have any serious postseason play ambitions.

Week 11 vs San Francisco – Trey Lance takes over this Kyle Shanahan offense that just paid Deebo to be the uncoverable man that he is. This is going to be a back-and-forth fight which should reward the tougher team with more resilience. The Cardinals and 49ers will face-off again down the road as well. 

Week 12 vs Chargers – AFC powerhouse that has a young stud in Justin Herbert, who leads this powerful team on both sides of the ball. Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa can be a menace to any offense, so the offensive line is going to have their hands full in this matchup. 


Week 14 vs New England – Bill Belichick is still in a rebuild with Mac Jones, but you can never count out this resilient squad. Although the Patriots are from the AFC, this should be a resounding win for the Cardinals – especially with Deandre Hopkins back. 

Week 15 @ Denver – Russell Wilson leaves Seattle to join this stacked Denver squad who have Super Bowl ambitions of their own. This NFC-AFC matchup between two contenders is going to be must watch TV and an uphill climb for the visiting Cardinals. 

Week 16 vs Tampa Bay – Tom Brady is entering his final season in the NFL after a brief retirement stint. This team is still stacked on both sides of the ball and will be a tough loss for the Cardinals if they don’t bring their A-game. 

Week 17 @ Atlanta – Easy win as the Arizona Cardinals aim to stack up the wins against easy NFC opponents. The Falcons are going through a massive rebuild and their defense is not that good. 

Week 18 @ San Francisco – Arizona will finish the season with a massive NFC West brawl against the 49ers, who will have either secured a playoff berth or will need to beat the Cardinals to get in. I highly doubt the Cardinals will be resting people at this point in the season with the difficult roster they have. 

Past, Present & Future – Los Angeles Rams

Previously on the Los Angeles Rams…

12-5 and your 2021 Super Bowl Champions! Yes, the Rams assembled a dream team that conquered the NFL and broke some serious records along the way. Longtime Detroit hero Matthew Stafford joined the Rams with Super Bowl ambitions and accomplished his dreams in Year 1. Cooper Kupp was the best WR in the NFL and set NFL records with such an amazing season. Stafford to Kupp was an automatic connection that seemed to never break apart all season. Aaron Donald did not win DPOY, but he solidified a hall of fame career and absolutely dominated in the championship game. I mean there is nobody else in the league that can do what he does game in and game out. Von Miller proved to be a crucial addition to the team as he balled out against the Bengals as well. His mix of speed and power is really remarkable, and I cannot believe we got to see Von and Aaron team up. Although the secondary was spotty behind Jalen Ramsey, the stout tackling and strength of the Rams really proved too much for other teams to deal with. Since Leonard Floyd came over from Chicago two years ago, he has had double digit sacks in both seasons with the Rams. 

Currently on the Los Angeles Rams… Most of the team returns besides key players Von Miller and Robert Woods. They were instrumental for the Rams Super Bowl run but the Los Angeles organization did not hesitate to fill the voids. Bobby Wagner joins on a nice deal as Von Miller takes his services to Buffalo on a mega contract that should get the Texas native paid very well over the next few years. Allen Robinson III joins the team and has immediate chemistry with Stafford as they look to link up with Cooper Kupp like last year. It sucks Robert Woods has gone to the Titans, but this team is still  stacked and could even bring OBJ back for another run. 

Upcoming on the Los Angeles Rams… Back-to-back Super Bowl wins as the Rams look to build on their recent success and continue to strive for big goals with this talented roster. There were some moving parts over the off-season, but coach McVay is ready to get back on the football field and gameplan another season. The Rams’ win total is 10.5 and a Super Bowl win pays out at +1100.

Week 1 vs Buffalo – Banner and ring reveal game as the Rams welcome Von Miller back with his new team who enters the season as Super Bowl favorites. Josh Allen should be fired up for this game and this Rams defense will surely put him to the test.

Week 2 vs Atlanta – This has got to be an easy win vs an inferior NFC opponent who is going through a massive rebuild. Kyle Pitts is their only weapon and even if he has a great game, the Rams should win by 14. 

Week 3 @ Arizona – Round 1 vs NFC West rival and the Rams should be able to handle the Cardinals without Deandre Hopkins who is suspended. The defense relies upon strong QB pressure so if the Rams line can hold, it should be an easy game for Stafford and the Rams.

Week 4 @ San Francisco – Round 1 vs NFC West rivals and they are going to be the one of the best teams the Rams will face. Two divisional wins would be huge for their Super Bowl dreams but expect Fred Warner, Nick Bosa, and Trey Lance to all have a say otherwise. 

Week 5 vs Dallas – Cowboys have reshaped their team a bit, but Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are sill the main hogs. This will be a powerful NFC matchup as the Cowboys want to finally make a real playoff push after so many disappointing seasons. 

Week 6 vs Carolina – Baker Mayfield doesn’t stand a chance with his new Carolina team that has no playmakers on either side of the ball, and Rhule is already on the hot seat.

Week 7 BYE

Week 8 vs San Francisco – Round 2 matchup as they welcome Trey Lance and the 49ers. These are the games the Rams must win as they mean so much for the Super Bowl repeat.

Week 9 @ Tampa Bay – This is confirmed Tom Brady’s last season in the NFL and this team around him is ready to give it everything they got to win 1 more with Tom. This is one of the hardest road games the Rams will have all season.

Week 10 vs Arizona – Round 2 matchup as they welcome Kyler Murray and Kliff to California. Arizona has a pretty stout secondary, but I highly doubt Kyler can make a real dent in this Rams defense. 

Week 11 @ New Orleans – Jameis Winston is going to flounder in front of this top-notch defense, but the Saints have a formidable defensive roster as well. Winston is known for turnovers and unless he is lights out the Rams should win comfortably as Aaron Donald tests their solid offensive line. 

Week 12 @ Kansas City – This could be one of the rare times the Rams lose, as Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce link up to form an unstoppable duo. I expect a massive shootout between two high-powered offenses as they travel to Arrowhead Stadium.

Week 13 vs Seattle – Round 1 matchup and easy win AGAIN for the Rams as they welcome the weak Seahawks into their home. Pete Carroll has nowhere near the same roster he had when he won the Super Bowl and I highly doubt they give the Rams any issues.

Week 14 vs Las Vegas – Raiders are revamped with head coach Josh McDaniels and their new look team that will try to build upon the success found towards the end of last year. 

Week 15 @ Green Bay – Matthew Stafford vs Aaron Rodgers is always must-watch football and with the Packers revamped defense this could be tougher than the Rams want to think. This is prime wintertime too, so the tundra is going to be frozen. 

Week 16 vs Denver – Russell Wilson is with a new team and a pretty stacked one at that as the Broncos secondary combines for one of the toughest units in the NFL. I don’t think this is the Broncos year so the Rams should handle them comfortably at home. 

Week 17 @ LA Chargers – Justin Herbert is primed for a Super Bowl shot with this loaded offense and talented defense that just got a major boost with Khalil Mack and JC Jackson in the offseason. This should be called the Battle of LA as both teams seek county dominance.

Week 18 @ Seattle – Nothing like closing out a season by resting your starters and waiting for the playoffs to start.

Past, Present & Future – San Francisco 49ers

Previously on the San Francisco 49ers…

10-7 with a 20-17 defeat to the eventual Super Bowl champs – the LA Rams. Kyle Shanahan kept his team in every game, and he is more than established as a great coach in the league after this rocky season.  Deebo Samuel had a statement season as he broke out for franchise rushing and receiving records as a wide receiver. He is a one-man offense who can basically throw the ball to himself and make plays from any position on the field. Jimmy G struggled with consistency and don’t let the stats fool you, his mistake was during the worst times that cost the 49ers plenty of games. Kyle Shanahan couldn’t be happier to have this superior athlete out there, being a threat from any angle and place on the field in Kyle’s gadget offense. Fred Warner established himself as one of the best linebackers in the NFL. His nonstop motor and playmaking ability are incredible traits, and we see them on full display. Nick Bosa almost averaged a sack a game as he continues to terrorize opposing QBs. The team desperately needed a true #1 cornerback as Jimmie Ward and Josh Norman were never the answer. 

Currently on the San Francisco 49ers…

Trey Lance time! The 1st round pick from South Dakota St will make his eventual debut and be the expected starter for the 49ers in the near future. Deebo got PAID and is an offensive weapon for the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan couldn’t have asked for better play and I wouldn’t be surprised if Deebo starts throwing touchdowns on some gadget plays. Fred Warner and Nick Bosa are two young gems in the league who bring their A-game to every matchup. Skill like theirs is truly amazing to watch and they are locked into some nice deals to make things easier for the team. Jimmy G earns all-time backup QB money as he is completely comfortable living in California while collecting a nice paycheck. Kyle Juszczyk is still on this roster and is the best fullback in the game. 

Upcoming on the San Francisco 49ers…

If the 49ers consider themselves Super Bowl caliber, they better do whatever they can to protect Trey Lance. He will need time to adjust to the speed of the league and Jimmy G has shown he cannot be trusted to win the big trophy. The defense is prime for success if they can solve the cornerback issue as they need a lockdown guy to matchup with the best of the league. The win total is 9.5 and a Super Bowl win pays +1600.

Week 1 @ Chicago – Justin Fields has no hope this season and welcoming the 49ers into his home could get ugly for the Bears. 

Week 2 vs Seattle – Easy win as the 49ers welcome an inferior Seahawks team whose best player is the tight end. Nick Bosa could get 3 sacks in this game and Trey Lance should be comfortable in the pocket most of the game.

Week 3 @ Denver – The first real test of the season as San Fran travels to Mile High Stadium where Russell Wilson waits patiently with his new team. The Broncos secondary is prime for a big year and this should be a great back and forth game. 

Week 4 vs LA Rams – NFC West rivals and time to see who’s the best of the division. Round 1 matchup and San Fran must win 1 vs the Super Bowl champs.

Week 5 @ Carolina – Easy win as Baker Mayfield struggles to find any help on this roster to beat the 49ers – who should win by 14.

Week 6 @ Atlanta – complete rebuild year for the falcons and their best player is Kyle Pitts at tight end. Big & easy win for the 49ers. 

Week 7 vs Kansas City – Patrick Mahomes is going to test the pass rush and secondary of the Niners more than any other QB, as he has the automatic arm throw. Tyreek Hill is gone but Travis Kelce is still one of the best and could easily be the difference maker in this AFC vs NFC heavyweight match. 

Week 8 @ LA Rams – Well, halfway through the season the 49ers will know where they rank in the NFC west by now as they battle their divisional rivals for much-needed intra-divisional wins. 

Week 9 BYE

Week 10 vs Chargers – Justin Herbert is a young, elite stud in the league, and he is joined by an elite roster of football players. Niners vs Chargers are going to be amazing NFC vs AFC West matchups for years to come, and its extra sweet that a Bosa is on both teams. 

Week 11 vs Arizona – Round 1 vs the 3rd NFC West rival the Niners will have seen by now. Kyler Murray, Deandre Hopkins, and James Connor are elite offensive talents, and the Cardinals have a decent secondary to deal with. 

Week 12 vs New Orleans – You have to hope that the 49ers can capitalize on Jameis’ mistakes as it will be tough to cause pressure through this stout offensive line. The defense is tough as well as they have plenty of veterans, including Marshon Lattimore who is a stud cornerback. 

Week 13 vs Miami – This high-flying offense is led by former Niner assistant Mike Daniels as he takes over the reins of this Miami squad. Mike hopes he can make magic with Tua and stack the wins for an AFC playoff push.

Week 14 vs Tampa Bay – Big NFC clash as Tom Brady plays through his final season in the league. This will be another battle added to the list as the Tampa defense is solid and the offense is loaded at the wide receiver position. If the Niners can push through an injury riddled offensive line, then it should be an easy win for San Fran at home.

Week 15 @ Seattle – Game 2 win 2.

Week 16 vs Washington – Can Carson Wentz play upset commander as he joins his new team in Washington? Terry McLaurin is pretty good but otherwise the Niners should be able to win comfortably.

Week 17 @ Las Vegas – The AFC West dark horses are looking to upset some people as new head coach Josh McDaniels takes over, and Derek Carr couldn’t be happier. It also helps when you acquire Davante Adams for the foreseeable future who should rock Jimmie Ward all game. 

Week 18 vs Arizona – Here’s the chance for redemption in case the Niners lost the first game. A quality win against a tough NFC West opponent in a round 2 matchup is a great storyline.

Past, Present & Future – Seattle Seahawks

Previously on the Seattle Seahawks…

Disappointing 7-10 season as both the offense and defense struggled to reach that next level of play needed for a winning season. Russell Wilson simply couldn’t put the entire team on his back and carry them to the promise land one more time. Russ still had a great statistical season although they didn’t have many positive outcomes. Bobby Wagner continued his linebacker dominance with another stellar season. There wasn’t much hope before the season begn, but you can tell about halfway through that this team has had it with this group of players. The chemistry and drive were lacking compared to Pete Carroll’s early Seahawks days of coaching. The running back position was once again a ferris wheel of starters as injuries worked their way through the ranks once again. Tyler Lockett put together a 1000+ yard receiving season, tucking home 8 touchdowns as DK Metcalf remained the primary threat with 12 TD’s. What once was the “Legion of Boom”, and an unstoppable offense is now a flailing fighter trying to just survive. I almost forget Jamal Adams is still on the team, and now that I remember, he needs to stop blitzing so much as the Seahawks ranked 2nd worst in pass yards allowed, just edging out the Ravens to avoid that last-place finish.  

Currently on the Seattle Seahawks…

The end of two Seahawks eras as Bobby Wagner and Russell Wilson depart for other teams. Russ went to Denver in a massive trade and he looks to win another Super Bowl before he retires, as the Broncos pay the man comfortably for the seeable future. Bobby went to the Rams on a very nice deal as he will try to join a dynasty that’s ready to repeat Super Bowl wins. At least the Seahawks can rely on 2020 1st round pick Jordyn Brooks who led the team in tackles last year and looks to assume the leadership duties from Bobby. There’s still the pacifier mouthguard guy DK Metcalf who will struggle to see quality targets in this inept offense that also has a weak offensive line. I just don’t know who will be throwing him the ball most of the time, as Geno Smith and Drew Lock both look to work their way onto the first-team offense. Noah Fant is an amazing add to the team via the Russell Wilson trade and you can expect he will get a lot of looks this season. Rashaad Penny and 1st round pick Kenneth Walker will split time as the starter due to eventual injuries which is how the Seahawks running back position always plays out. 

Upcoming on the Seattle Seahawks…

I don’t expect the Seahawks to improve from last year without the stars that carried them. Russ and Wagner are gone, and this team has some serious depth issues. Neither Drew Lock or Geno Smith are the answer at QB, and the defense could use a lot of young talent to build around. Their win total is 5.5 and a Super Bowl win pays +15000. 

Week 1 vs Denver – How ironic Russell Wilson opens the season on the road in his old home. I highly doubt Seattle can do anything to stop Denver from winning.

Week 2 @ San Francisco – Kyle Shanahan is going to have a field day at home against this weak defense.

Week 3 vs Atlanta – Okay here’s a chance for a victory as the Seahawks welcome the rebuilding Falcons who lack real playmakers besides Kyle Pitts.

Week 4 @ Detroit – Dan Campbell has got the team working their bags off and it’s going to be a tough game for Seattle no matter how you look at it. Jared Goff is a pretty seasoned QB, and the Lions have some young studs who have been playing well. 

Week 5 @ New Orleans – Big crushing defeat as the Seahawks travel to New Orleans and hope that Jameis doesn’t put on a clinic with their defense.

Week 6 vs Arizona – Kyler Murray and the Cardinals will travel to Seattle to scoop an easy NFC West win from the inferior bird team.

Week 7 @ Chargers – This could get really ugly on both sides of the ball as Justin Herbert leads an arsenal of talent, along with a defense that has Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa, and JC Jackson. 

Week 8 vs Giants – At home vs a very weak opponent, Seattle has GOT to win here. 

Week 9 @ Arizona – Cardinals win part 2.

Week 10 vs Tampa Bay – I don’t think Seattle has a chance to win vs Tom Brady during his final season in the league. 

Week 11 BYE

Week 12 vs Raiders – Josh McDaniels leads Derek Carr and the resurging Raiders as they should score 45 points with Davante Adams and Darren Waller out there.

Week 13 @ Rams – Okay this could get really ugly as they travel to the Super Bowl champs who look ready to repeat.

Week 14 vs Carolina – Can Drew Lock outduel Baker Mayfield and the timid Panthers?

Week 15 vs San Francisco – Fingers crossed for a trap game.

Week 16 @ Kansas City – Patrick Mahomes might set NFL records with Travis Kelce in this one game as they unleash the full power of the Chiefs without Tyreek Hill. 

Week 17 vs Jets – Zach Wilson could win here, and this would all but finish the season off for the Seahawks as they have only the Rams left after this. Last chance for a win here.

Week 18 vs Rams – Even if the Rams play their backups, I highly doubt Seattle can go out there and win comfortably.

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