Your Team And Me: AFC South

Past, Present & Future – Houston Texans

Previously on the Houston Texans…

4-13! Look at that, they got 4 wins without Deshaun Watson and the heir apparent, Davis Mills, has taken over and shown he doesn’t completely suck. They went 1-8 in their first 9 games to end their playoff dreams before they really started. Chris Conley is solid. The defense was really bad. Going into the year it was one of those “Okay, this is going to be a bad season” vibes but the sooner you delete this season from memory the better. Brandin Cooks somehow hit 1000 yards receiving, so let’s all take a second and reflect on this guy’s roller coaster career.

Currently on the Houston Texans…

THE SAME TEAM! Yes, the Texans return most of the same players from last year with minimal splash in free agency. Derek Stingley from LSU is a highly touted cornerback from the draft. There is not one top 100 NFL player on this team, and it looks about as fierce as a pillow fight. You want to expect some signings down the road to maybe shore up some holes and form a competitive team. I feel for you Houston Texans fans because I would already be upset about the upcoming season with this roster. 

Upcoming on the Houston Texans…

A long and painful road ahead for the boys from Houston who look to get 4 or more wins as to not regress on the few wins they got last year. I apologize for the short write up but honestly there’s not much going on past, present, and future for this team. They have the worst Super Bowl odds at +30000 and their win total sits at a minimal 4.5.

Week 1 vs Indianapolis – Try to get more than a touchdown in this home opener. 

Week 2 @ Denver – On the road to Denver, Wilson about to ride all over the Texans.

Week 3 @ Chicago – Let’s go! First chance at a win here

Week 4 vs Chargers – Back to the sawmill as Chargers might win by two touchdowns here.

Week 5 @ Jacksonville – You can do it. If no wins yet, then this is the one. 

Week 6 BYE

Week 7 @ Raiders – Hopefully they enjoy their time in Vegas.

Week 8 vs Tennessee – Derrick Henry could have 200 yards rushing by halftime. 

Week 9 vs Philadelphia – Maybe the Texans can trap game Hurts and the Eagles bunch at home. Maybe

Week 10 @ Giants – Here we go, a great chance to pick up one of them wins we are talking about.

Week 11 vs Washington – This could low-key turn out to be a great game to watch if both teams come out with a hot start.

Week 12 @ Miami – Yikes.

Week 13 vs Cleveland – How ironic is it that Watson’s first game back from his 11-game suspension is against his former team? 

Week 14 @ Dallas – In-state matchup that you hope is a massive trap game.

Week 15 vs Kansas City – Yikes x2.

Week 16 @ Tennessee – Round 2 of Henry. Good luck. 

Week 17 vs Jacksonville – Here’ s a chance to get a win!

Week 18 @ Indianapolis – Hopefully end the season on a strong note, maybe against the backups if the Colts have already made playoffs and rest their starters.

Past, Present & Future – Indianapolis Colts

Previously on the Indianapolis Colts…

A fabulous 9-8 ride that appeared to have way more wins than 9. Unfortunately, the Jaguars played spoiler to the postseason ambitions as they snuffed the Colts at home 26-11 in one of Trevor Lawrence’s best games. Yes, Carson Wentz takes all the heat as the team was unable to score when they needed it the most and yes, I did say they lost against Jacksonville which makes it extra spicy. With all the hype around the defense they did not have a great season. Shaquille Leonard is still a beast and Bobby Okereke is a dominant linebacker that tackles everything. Kenny Moore established himself as one of the premier slot cornerbacks in the game. DeForest freaking Buckner is an absolute HOG on that line. Quinton Nelson is the best offensive lineman ever. Opened the season with 3 straight losses so in the last 14 games they went 9-5. Losing twice to divisional foe Tennessee Titans did not help at all. So tragic because Jonathan Taylor had one helluva season behind such a great offensive line. If I can sum up this season it was a perfect example of how a great team couldn’t win THE big game multiple times. 

Currently on the Indianapolis Colts…

NO MORE WENTZ! Hellooooo Matt Ryan! He takes his talent to the Colts as he will take a run at another Super Bowl appearance with a stacked, new team. Apparently, he’s got a great rep with his receiving corps that features Michael Pittman, Parris Campbell, and Mo Alie-Cox. The defense is all back and healthy, ready to improve on their mid-tier rankings with so many studs on the team. Enter Stephon Gillmore who joins this defense as a certified #1 cornerback. If Stephon can just stay healthy, his elite play could elevate this team to the postseason push they want. This year there’s no Carson Wentz to blame/rely on. 

Upcoming on the Indianapolis Colts…

Super bowl or bust amirite? The schedule is pretty solid and a late bye in Week 14 will help get this team rested for a deep push if all goes well. Beating Tennessee must happen at least once to really nail the playoff ship together. 

Week 1 @ Houston – Easy win and great opener.

Week 2 @ Jacksonville – Tougher opponent but same result, as a comfortable win is on the horizon.

Week 3 vs Kansas City – First true test for the Colts as they welcome the Chiefs into their home for an absolute war of a game.

Week 4 vs Tennessee – Here we go, round 1.  

Week 5 @ Denver – Hopefully they have won once in the past two weeks as Denver will be a tough test – in Colorado as well. 

Week 6 vs Jacksonville – Another comfy win.

Week 7 @ Tennessee – Round 2 and like I said, they must get at least 1 win against them.

Week 8 vs Washington – Could this be the Wentz revenge game?!

Week 9 @ New England Not a walk in the park but could be a statement game. 

Week 10 @ Las Vegas Revenge game in the sense that before losing to the Jaguars in Week 18, the Raiders beat the Colts 23-20 to put all the chips into their final game to make the postseason.

Week 11 vs Philadelphia Should be an easy win, right?

Week 12 vs Pittsburgh – Definitely an easy win at home.

Week 13 @ Dallas – Ohhhhh baby this will be a great game to watch. 

Week 14 BYE

Week 15 @ Minnesota – Kirk and the purple Norsemen will test the secondary of this team as Thielen & Jefferson team up as one of the best tandems in the league. Gilmore will be crucial for this game.

Week 16 vs Chargers – This should be a Leonard game as Austin Ekeler will test his coverage. Maybe he will get to Herbert in the backfield a couple times as they have one of the worst offensive lines in the league. 

Week 17 @ Giants – C’mon, the Giants will be playing for pride at this point and the Colts should be well oiled and ready for postseason play.

Week 18 vs Houston – Last game of the season and we might see starters being rested. Hopefully.

Past, Present & Future – Jacksonville Jaguars

Previously on the Jacksonville Jaguars…

3-14 with a huge win in the final week against the Indianapolis Colts that sent this team into the offseason in higher spirits than before. The Urban Meyer saga was short and brutal but very entertaining as he at one point chirped his kicker and actually kicked him. Incredible. Trevor Lawrence balled fairly well, James Robinson balled in the backfield, and with Travis Etienne back from injury they look to form a nice 1-2 combo for years with Trevor. Back to the season, there were rarely any blowout defeats, but the Jaguars defensive secondary showed they were helpless against most teams. As a defense, they finished dead last in defensive scoring AND turnover rate. The defense had about as much punch as Urban Meyer’s coaching tactics. How they beat Buffalo 9-6 is such a brain buster that nobody can still believe happened. The Jaguars combined for only 218 yards offensively too!

Currently on the Jacksonville Jaguars…

OFFSEASON SPENDING! Say Hello to Christian Kirk as he will compliment Marvin Jones as the 1-2 wide receivers. Evan Engram joins a tight end group desperate for a red zone threat. First-round pick Trayvon Walker looks to be an immediate impact to this already depleted defense as Myles Jack walks to Pittsburgh in free agency. Foley Fatukasi heads over from the Jets to be a D-line hog that the Jaguars need. Brandon Scherff, All-Pro guard, helps solidify the offensive line and will provide much needed veteran leadership. You want to expect more than 3 wins this season with owner Khan opening up the checkbook and bringing in Super Bowl winning head coach Doug Pederson. Doug already seems like a perfect hire with his swagger as well as what he can bring to this team in culture. 

Upcoming on the Jacksonville Jaguars…

Hope. Lots of hope and optimism on the horizon as the rebuild looks to be complete and on its way to some winning records in the near future. Trevor “Franchise” Lawrence looks every bit the real deal and you have to pray for good health and no injuries. 

Week 1 @ Washington – C’mon, you gotta beat Wentz and this very average defense without Chase Young. 

Week 2 vs Indianapolis – This will be an immediate tough test regarding the season outlook as the Colts carry a possible Super Bowl-bound team with Matt Ryan at the helm. 

Week 3 @ Chargers – Herbert vs Lawrence, and it would be a HUGE statement win if they somehow pull that off.

Week 4 @ Eagles – Another tough road game but you hope this could be another close win.

Week 5 vs Houston – Big home win as Trevor throws for 400+ yards.

Week 6 @ Indianapolis – Round 2 vs a divisional foe and hopefully they don’t get swept in both contests. 

Week 7 vs Giants – I’m predicting a comfortable win here. 

Week 8 vs Denver – Wilson leads his new team to Florida and hopes to demolish the Jaguars. I don’t see how the Jags do anything to stop him.

Week 9 vs Raiders – This could get really ugly if Davante Adams gets hot early as the Jaguars secondary couldn’t cover him with 3 players. 

Week 10 @ Kansas City – Ugly meet uglier as they go on the road to Mahomes and the Chiefs who will most likely win by 14+. 

Week 11 BYE

Week 12 vs Baltimore – Lamar is going to put on an offensive clinic.

Week 13 @ Detroit – Grit game.

Week 14 @ Tennessee – Hopefully they can play the upset role in this expected easy win for the Titans.

Week 15 vs Dallas – Yikes. Just yikes. 

Week 16 @ Jets – Let’s go! Easy win amirite?

Week 17 @ Houston – Watch both teams score 40+ points each in this no defense game.

Week 18 vs Tennessee – Just maybe, they can do the upset thing again, but a win in the final week is always desired to end a season. Might not happen this year if Tennessee plays their starters still.

Past, Present & Future – Tennessee Titans

Previously on the Tennessee Titans…

12-5 with a devastating 19-16 defeat to the Cincinnati Bengals that saw the Titans Super Bowl ambitions dashed into the dirt as Tennessee came up short…. again. Tannehill never seemed to make it out of 4th gear all season and that’s being generous. 21 TD’s and 17 interceptions while fumbling 4 times is nothing to brag about but the 3 interceptions against the Bengals imploded their postseason dreams as they couldn’t defeat Joe Burrow. I mean that game can easily go in favor of the Titans, and they move onto the next round. Derrick Henry going 62 yards on 20 attempts for 1 TD is okay, but the Bengals stifled Henry from really cutting loose in their Divisional Round matchup.

The Titans defense though is FOR REAL…. but only the run defense. 2nd best in the league in yards allowed which is opposite of their passing yards allowed, which ranked 8th worst in the league. Jeffrey Simmons is HOG on the D-line. Harold Landry III is the real deal. Kenny Byard was stellar. The linebackers were peak run stuffers as they contained Joe Mixon well in that playoff game.

Bud Dupree is missing in action as he cashes in huge pay checks after only 3 sacks in 11 games. There were signs along the way that could have shown that this team wasn’t mentally tough enough yet for the big games, as they lost to the Jets, Texans, and Steelers in games that should be easy, resounding wins. Mike Vrabel has got to be upset that he can’t get his team over that last obstacle. Hopefully in the offseason they can get him playmakers… getting more output from his current players would also go a long way. 

Currently on the Tennessee Titans…

Robert freaking Woods joins the Titans as they let Julio Jones and A.J. Brown walk in free agency. Woods is an amazing addition from the Rams. 1st round pick Treylon Burks hopes to learn quickly from him and have an immediate impact. Malik Willis from Liberty looks to be the heir apparent at QB after the Titans selected him in the 3rd round. Caleb Farley, cornerback from Virginia Tech and 2021 1st round pick, is going to be an immediate impact player as they desperately need a #1 guy. Janoris Jenkins is gone but he was never the answer. Maybe the 2022 2nd round pick in Roger McCreary out of Auburn can be more than just a solid rookie, as he will see immediate playing time. Mike Vrabel is still controlling this Titans team for another season and he’s willing to sacrifice it all for another Super Bowl – his first as a coach. 

Upcoming on the Tennessee Titans…

Load the wagon back up and get Derrick Henry his milk because this team is aiming for the big one…. again. Obviously, some improved secondary support would be a massive upgrade and probably the most they could ask for. Then of course it’s the age-old question “Can Tannehill be more efficient/explosive?”. 

Week 1 vs NY Giants – Home opener against an inferior opponent that should provide little competition. You couldn’t ask for a better start to the season. 

Week 2 @ Buffalo – Now we’re talking! On the road to the Super Bowl favorites as this has all the makings of a great back and forth game. May the stronger hog survive.

Week 3 vs Las Vegas – Beating a possible playoff contender in the Raiders with their revamped team behind Josh McDaniels would be a massive victory. 

Week 4 @ Indianapolis – Big divisional heavyweight matchup. 

Week 5 @ Washington – Going against Wentz on a struggling Commanders team, yeah, I expect an easy win.

Week 6 BYE

Week 7 vs Indianapolis – Boom, the rematch early in the season and let’s see who the top AFC South hog is. 

Week 8 @ Houston – Easy win. C’mon.

Week 9 @ Kansas City – Oh yeah, this is going to be must-watch FOOOOOTTBALLLLLL!

Week 10 vs Denver – Russ vs Tannehill will be a great football matchup and Denver boasts an incredible secondary. Expect Henry to play a massive role.

Week 11 @ Green Bay – By now we should have a good outlook on the playoffs for the Titans, so a win against Aaron Rodgers here would be vital for the overall record in case they haven’t done well divisionally.

Week 12 vs Cincinnati – The big rematch from the Divisional Round matchup last year. Can the Titans get their revenge?

Week 13 @ Philadelphia – Quality game against a revamped Eagles team as they now have A.J. Brown, the former Titan who signed a big deal in the offseason. 

Week 14 vs Jacksonville – No trap games by the Jaguars this year, right?

Week 15 @ Chargers – Stellar matchup here as Los Angeles added Khalil Mack and JC Jackson in the offseason. 

Week 16 vs Houston – Easy divisional win. The team will need it as playoffs approach. 

Week 17 vs Dallas – Stellar matchup against an NFC powerhouse that looks to make Super Bowl noise of their own. 

Week 18 @ Jacksonville – I repeat, no trap games by the Jaguars this year… right?

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