Matt breaks down the best bets going into the Week 2 matchup between the Battlehawks and Sea Dragons

Yes, we have Thursday night football in February. What a time to be alive! The XFL does everything they can to really get as much air time. I’d imagine consistency is going to be key for their success, but I personally think that there is a little bit of traction being made. The XFL wasn’t horrendous in Week 1. There was an absolutely tragic collapse for one team, lemons being thrown on the field at another, and a QB is already being benched. It may not be the best product at the moment, but it’s on its way to being a quality “minor league” for the NFL.

Who Will Be More Prepared?

The biggest question I have coming into this Thursday night game is how are these teams prepared for this game? We see NFL coaches struggle with the short gap when faced with a Thursday night matchup. We saw some teams just look schematically over matched during the first week of football. There is hope for tonight, but I think realism might work best from a gambling aspect.

Why Is Seattle A 4-Point Favorite?

Seattle comes in as a four point favorite at home. There’s some reason for it, too. Going into the preseason a lot of people rated them as the best offense in the league, and at times last week they were. Yet, the former Pitt Panther, Ben Denucci, showed why he is a QB in the XFL. He led two 55+ yard touchdowns to open the half, but also gave the game away like someone who had money on the other team. Seattle also has arguably one of the best home environments. The fans will show out, and let’s not forget: it’s going to be 36 degrees. Are these men ready for that kind of temperature? I’d imagine the wind is going to be whipping on that field all night.

Can AJ McCarron Put St. Louis On His Back… Again?

You kind of had the opposite look from St. Louis in the first week of XFL football. The offense looked dreadful throughout the 3 quarters, but late in the game McCarron tapped into his old Alabama days to erase a 12-point deficit and win the game when it mattered. So which AJ is going to show up? The defense looks solid, but every defense looked solid outside of Orlando.

What Are the ‘Best Bets’ for St. Louis Vs. Seattle?

This will be a hostile environment (relatively) and it looks like a matchup worth watching between Seattle’s offense and St. Louis’ defense. Josh Gordon didn’t look terrible last week, but can Ben lead this offense to success? Personally, I believe the coaching staff in Seattle is ready for this assignment. Ultimately, this screams an under game for me. Seattle has a good run game that I think will be able to extend drives and win them this game. Seattle shakes off that embarrassment and comes ready. Give me the Sea Dragons ML and U/ 37.5 points

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