Let us go ahead and jump into the third installment of the Watch Dogs series. If I am being blunt this has the same run of the mill feeling to any modern-day open world game. Somewhat of a story line that really does not captivate me but still drives the “Main Missions” and allows you to learn all the ins and outs of the game. The side missions are basically boiled down to finding tech points, recruiting strangers, if you like what they have to offer, so that you can play as them throughout the game (best addition to the game), and liberating all the different sections of the map. For me, personally, I can be sucked into this style of gameplay for hours because for whatever reason it sooths my ADHD to just have something to always do and or become side tracked mid mission and start trying to do thirty seven tasks at once. So, although it is not necessarily “revolutionary” (although starting a revolution is the theme) I still will give a thumbs up regardless of my list of complaints due to high expectations.

I started playing Watch Dogs right when the first one was released with the original Xbox One. It is crazy to think that I already have developed some nostalgia for games released back then when “back then” does not seem that long ago these days. I remember watching the trailers, reading the reviews, and simply could not wait to try the power of the new system at the time. Unfortunately, it was a game that, even though I saw much potential in, had a looooooooong way to go to be a game I would give high praise to. WAIT JEFF THIS ISNT A WATCH DOGS 1 REVIEW??? And you are correct… BUT… Watch Dogs Legion still let me down in the terms of the same complaints I have had since the first one and even with the second. The graphics and mechanics just are not what I want by a long shot. For example, I wrecked a car into a bus and the entire bus turned into an octagon shape that would give Dana White a jaw drop and attempt to schedule a fight on it. I about uninstalled the game, but I calmed myself and kept playing and I am happy that I did.

After calming down and realizing that I need to get past the entire series lacking on graphics and mechanics I decided to just jump into what the game had to offer, which was an open world that allows you to play as ANY NPI in the game.. very cool concept that I was excited to try. Did I want to be my main character? Did I want to be a construction worker that comes with a nail gun and ability to call in a special drone? Did I want to be some graffiti artist who hated everything about the establishment and parliament?? My options were limitless for how I wanted to start tackling the side missions and liberating the city. If I were just reviewing this single aspect the game would be a solid 9.3/10 and I would love to see this concept grow especially with the power of the next gen consoles.

All in all, the game is good, and I am excited for the online gameplay to come out. Adding that into the mix will for sure bring some more fun into the mix especially after I am done liberating the city as an 80-year-old lady that has IBS. If you were to buy the game just take my complaints with a grain of salt and let yourself enjoy it especially if you have played the previous two. I still have a lot of faith in the franchise moving forward and expect the next release to be the one that fully wins me over. Until then I will take what they have given me.

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