Coming at number five on the list of Nintendo Switch’s top grossing games on this hybrid console, is none other than Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. This highly anticipated fighting game has been one of the most sought after fighting games since its original release on the Nintendo 64. I can personally say I am not a huge fan of the fighting genre when it comes to gaming, but being a Switch owner and hearing the buzz around the release of this new Smash Brothers, I decided to pick this title up the day of its release.

I sunk in a good bit of hours on this title to see what the developers had done to add content that the fans of this series have been asking for. I also put in some hours to give myself a go at another fighter to see if I could get myself into enjoying this type of game. I can honestly say that the developers did a hell of a job at giving the fans what they wanted.

For starters, the character selection in this game is almost overwhelming. We were given over sixty-five characters to choose from in this game, not including DLC, and updates that I am sure will be included later on – adding more character options to this already extensive list. All these characters were also developed with their own unique ability, as well as unlockable skins to play with some characters.

Another thing that was done to really give this title more gameplay value, was extending the story mode. The developing team, Bandai Namco and Sora Ltd, really did a great job when it came to adding more content and gameplay content to this title. Although there was a story mode in the previous Smash titles, the focal point was grinding through the quick story, which took all but a couple of hours to beat in order to unlock all the characters – this allowed not only you, but family and friends playing to have more of a selection when in a multiplayer battle.

The story mode created for Smash Ultimate is called (Spirits.) You start off your adventure as Kirby, moving from platform to platform, defeating other AI characters on this massive map. Once defeated, you either unlock that character or get to choose to move down another path to an enemy you wish to fight that will provide you with the ability to unlock that character or its spirit. It is a bit difficult to explain in detail what these sprits are, but think of them as “buffs” for your main character.

Variety of game options available
In game story mode (Spirits)

USmash is a mode that allows you to customize your own Smash battle when playing with either friends or family on the same console – or having your consoles side by side. I am the only Switch owner in the household, so I have not tried that game mode personally.

The online mode is where I put in most of my play time. At first there were a lot of complaints of horrible lag during online battle. I have also experienced it for myself. This is a fast paced fighter, that is reliant on strategic movement and well timed moves, so there is no room for lag. After the fan base started stating these complaints, we were finally given a patch to fix this issue. Other than the lag problem, I have not experienced any other issues with the gameplay.

In game online spectating

My final thoughts on the game are that I really do think that this is the best Smash Brothers that we have seen to this date – the extensive story mode, the difficulty of the game, the character selection, as well as the overall gameplay of this title. These all have really taken a step in the right direction for this series. I would highly recommend this title for a fan of the fighting genre, who also has a story driven motive. The replay value is excellent, and it is a nice game to have in your Switch library.

For me personally, I could not get into the game. I am not a fan of the fighting genre, and I also do not have the patience for the sensitivity of the controls. I’m glad I purchased the game, because it is a great title to play against family and friends, but all in all I can say that I am not a very big fan. I would like to give an honorable mention to a fighter by the name of Brawlhalla. I played this game leading up to Smash Ultimate, and I personally thought it was more fun and kept my attention for a few hours at a time. If you have not gotten a chance to try Brawlhalla, then definitely give it a try. It is also a free download on the Eshop.

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