Shoresy Review

Shoresy Season 1 Review 


Huge hockey fan hailing from Canada and mastermind behind Letterkenny, Jared Keeso does NOT disappoint with his new show on Hulu titled “Shoresy”. I can’t be happier that the character from “Letterkenny” known affectionately as “Shoresy” has his own spin-off with amazing screenwriting and music. The writing is less about the word play and more about the natural, Canadian-hockey comedy that explodes in each episode. Casual conversation, some quick chirps, and quality build up await viewers as they jump scene to scene developing this hysterical comedy behind the Sudbury Bulldogs, a Canadian men’s AAA Senior hockey team. I was wondering how they would carry Shoresy over from his Letterkenny stint and they did a fabulous job making him the lovable A-hole that everybody loves to chirp. Shoresy, as a referee for the bantam/midget leagues, is pure comedy. The back & forth between Nat, owner of the Bulldogs, and her minions Ziigwan and Miigwan create a badass three-woman dynamic that shows how tough anybody can be when it comes to Canadian hockey. 

You probably won’t know any of the actors cast in this show, but it is loaded with quality hockey talent. Terry Ryan, hailing from Newfoundland – the easternmost province in Canada which is an island loaded with rich hockey culture and talent – is a former NHL player and extremely well-known Canadian hockey figure. His “Newfie” talk is a joy to witness. I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about Newfoundland, so now I’m beyond interested in making a visit. Dolo, played by actor Jonathan Diaby, is one of my favorite characters because he practically portrays his real-life career, just under a different name. The former 3rd round pick of the NHL Draft actually fought a fan back in the Laval goon league.  He is also a rapper, and they even feature a couple of his songs. 

The Bulldogs have been losing a lot, they have lost every single game actually, so team captain Shoresy brings in some quality studs to “never lose again”. Shoresy meets with the owner, Nat, and from that point forward the goal is to never lose in order to keep the team from folding. I tried looking at this from the perspective of somebody who has never seen “Letterkenny” and I really think that most people can either relate or at least find it entertaining to learn about this hockey culture. The show features real players, real stories, real chirps, followed by an absolute BANGER of an ending. I really don’t want to give anything else away, but this has been one of my favorite season finales.

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