There are a ton of accessories out right now for the Switch, some of which are a necessity to keep your console safe. Being that the switch is a portable console, it can be easy to occasionally drop, or run into something while playing and damage the screen or the joy cons.

These accessories can get extremely expensive, from joy-con grips, to switch cases, screen protectors, the list goes on. I’m always looking for the cheapest route, but also like a good quality product.

I’ve been a fan of the joy-cons and the way they were developed since the release of the Switch. I always felt like I could never feel comfortable playing a game, while the joy-cons were attached to the console. I normally don’t play the switch docked, because I like take full advantage of the portability of the console.

Being such a fan of playing the Switch on the go, I did my research on these grips that were recently made for the system. After looking around I found this cheap, and well constructed grip off Amazon. Not only did my order come with a grip, but it also came with a bonus micro fiber screen cleaning cloth. I got this small bundle for only fifteen dollars.

I have had this grip now for over three months, and I have had no issues with it to this point. I have dropped my switch with the grip on and, for being a plastic snap on, it is quite durable. The grips themselves are rubberized and are really quite comfortable for long periods of gaming. The Grip also can be used as a stand for your Switch. Personally, I think it works better than the stand that was built into the switch.

The grip itself clips right onto the back of the Switch. I tend to keep the grip on most of the time, but have taken it off on occasion, and have had no signs of abrasion. The one con I have noticed to this point, is there is some wiggle room where the Joy-cons sit within the grip. Not so much where it’s highly noticeable and will interrupt your game-play at times. I have not tried it myself, but have heard that with rubber grips on the joy-cons, it cancels out the play and fits snug.

If you are looking for a cheap accessory that enhances your game play on the Switch, I would highly recommend this product. There are other grips you can purchase right now for this console. I’ve spent a good bit enough time with this product and believe it to be well worth the money. If you get the bundle off of amazon, you also get the micro fiber cleaning cloth, which is something you will also need and use daily.

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