I was pretty excited when I started reading and hearing about Outer Worlds, due to my love for the Fallout Franchise and games similar in style. In saying that, if you are looking for something to fill the void of the trash that is Fallout 76, then Outer Worlds does just that. Although it is a pretty clear mimic of the Fallout Franchise, it does have its own unique taste and style. I think this style can be built off of in the future for any upcoming titles in the Outer Worlds Universe to have a shot at standing toe to toe with any RPG, apocalypse style games. 

I can sit here and try my best to not solely compare it to Fallout, but honestly, it is what it is. You start by finding out that everyone takes a test (similar to the G.O.A.T) and from there you are shipped to different factions on different planets in which you’ll fit best in considering your skillset. The kicker with your storyline is you were set on a ship that was specifically designed for the low scorers and was meant to float through the cosmos for eternity. Until you are saved by a man that looks like the 3D version of Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty and honestly has similar mannerisms because he too seems to be against any decision that big companies and or governments make. He releases you from your frozen sleep and begins to tell you what his mission is and what you’re about to embark on. Pretty straight forward from the start.

You begin the first mission which plays as the tutorial. From there you pick your perks and start building your skill tree based upon your playing preference (very easy to grasp for anyone familiar with this style of gameplay). You start talking to anyone and everyone you run into to gain more quests and learn about what is going on. I do enjoy the in-depth dialogue options to allow you to say what you truly would, based on your moral code and personal preference. Personally I found taking every quest available and completing side quests first before furthering the main story is the smartest decision. 

Armor, guns, health (food or medicine), and mods for armor and weapons can be found anywhere laying or on anyone that you can search or pickpocket. Your armor and guns do require repairing if used a lot before they break. Luckily, anything you find that you don’t need can be sold or broken down for parts that reward you in the parts required to fix or better your gear. 

Companions are another aspect that play a huge part in the game. In just a couple of missions in, you gain one that follows you through the first “main“ mission that isn’t the tutorial. You’ll want to treat them like a friend and give them the best gear and weapons that you aren’t using because having their help in fights really helps keep the battle fully on your control. After a while, you basically build up your own crew and can have multiple companions follow you at any time to help with any quest you’re trying to complete.

Enemies come in any form from small to large, to human, alien-like animals, and robots. Each with their own advantages and weaknesses that require some sort of plan to successfully take them out without depleted your ammo or resources on the fight. You’re also able, in some cases, to stealthy sneak past enemies unnoticed to continue on your mission if you aren’t feeling up to a fight or are trying to save on supplies at the time. 

Overall, this game has a very bright future in my opinion. The storyline is captivating and fulfilling. The graphics aren’t the best that’s out, but in no way take away from the experience. As I’ve said, anyone who enjoys Fallout style games and just has the itch, Fallout 76 will never be able to scratch, will be very pleased with what Outer Worlds has to offer. I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the future of this franchise holds in store.

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