Shane breaks down each team and their chances of winning on Sunday, as we approach Day 3 of the Wild Card Round of the 2023 NFL Playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Mason Rudolph is in the playoffs with the Steelers finally. The boy finally gets his second chance and takes a firm hold of it. Even when Kenny is healthy, it seems head coach Mike Tomlin is going to stay with Mason and Pickens sure loves Mason. Najee and Warren have been a quality 1-2 punch in the backfield. Unfortunately, they will be without their best player in TJ Watt as he will miss game 1. The linebackers and secondary have been crushed with injuries but the Steelers have held their own for the most part with backups and free agent veterans. I honestly don’t really know how this team goes from here, but if they beat the Bills, holy s###!

Buffalo Bills

Lo and behold, the Buffalo Bills have a chance at post season play again and this time they want to make it count. Sure, they meant it those other times, but this time they have Von Miller who should be the game breaker they needed to finally win the Super Bowl. Josh Allen is nice, but as a good friend of mine says “Death, taxes, and Josh Allen to throw an interception.” The guy is erratic as ever and has not been on the same page as Stefon Diggs consistently all the while getting a new offensive coordinator. Can the defense and Josh Allen be dependable?

The weather was so bad that they postponed the game to Monday. What should happen is Josh Allen takes over and runs for multiple touchdowns while extending plays with his arm to blow past the Steelers. Mason is unproven while Josh has been a let down. With that being said, give me Josh Allen to score a touchdown and his rushing props. I think with the backup linebackers and defensive line hurt, Allen will create space with his feet as he always tries to do.

Philadelphia Eagles

What was one of the strongest teams in the league has now become suspect to their own superiority. Rumors of head coach Sirianni on the hot seat, AJ Brown has unfollowed and removed all Eagles stuff, and the defense has been inconsistent. A lot of bad news surrounding the Eagles and this team is going to have to come together one more time before Jason Kelce plays his final game. Jalen Hurts hasn’t looked like his MVP self but he has been significantly worse than he should be.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Can Baker Mayfield be the dog to upset the hounds of Philly? The defense has come together towards the end of the season as Levonte David and Devin White are back destroying offenses. Vita Vea is also back. Offensively, though, there have been numerous let downs as Baker struggles to find splash plays without Mike Evans.

Honestly, this game is the toughest one for me to read. Baker and home field advantage should make this game a good battle, they could easily go out there and lay an egg. The one thing that I think is going to happen is Mike Evans is going to score and then hand the ball to a lucky fan.

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