NFL Week 13 Predictions

           So, what did we learn from last week? For starters, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the last undefeated team in the league! That was an extremely hard-fought win. If your getting the first half Steelers each and every week, look out. But we did see that maybe there are some holes in their armor.

           Maybe that Adam Gase is the worst coach in the NFL? Wait, we already knew that. The Jets were only able to get four total yards on offense in the second half. Four. How an NFL team can do something like that, is beyond me.

              The NFC West is seriously competitive. With the added seventh team to the playoffs, there is a way now for the whole division to make the playoffs if they continue this success. San Francisco can just plug anyone into their system and it will succeed. LA Rams weren’t great, but the defense held its own and didn’t allow a single touchdown. And of course, the Cardinals and Kyler Murray are here and ready to spoil your hopes and dreams.

                Player Props are something to start to really keep your eye on. I’m seeing some generous lines out there pregame and especially live, Tyreel Hill was down to 37.5 yards O/U around the second quarter. You could find Devantae Adam’s O/U yards at 89 which’s seems like a lot at first, but when you think about how bad Houston’s defense is and no Aaron Jones, you’ll realize the ball has to go somewhere. Lastly, my favorite might of been Antonio Gibson O/U on rushing yards at 46. The Dallas defense is terrible right now and the offense is doing them no favors.  As always, follow us on the @RahlBets Twitter account for our teams plays of the week!

             Week 8 has some lines that, to me, are a little disrespectful. A lot of key, divisional matchups as well. Normally those tight spreads are too close to call but hopefully we can find the right winners here during this tough weekend of divisional football.

New England Patriots 2-4 @ Buffalo Bills 5-2 (3.5)

          Man, the mighty have fallen off hard. The loss of Brady was enough to give some fans the realization that maybe a title wasn’t possible, but then they signed Cam in the offseason and he goes out and dominates early in the year. His four rushing touchdowns in the first two games is ultimately looking like a true tease. His next game against Las Vegas, he managed to get a 21 yard run but followed that up with 6 yards on 8 carries. His throwing accuracy has taken a complete downturn. His 6-2 TO/TD ratio since week two should speak for itself. Sadly, Cam has dropped off and it’s hard to put a finger on it. But the thing is, Bill knows that Cam is his best shot to win. No one else can run the type of offense that they have designed right now. No one in that locker room can even come close to Cam talent wise. But something has got to give. The Patriots are losing their grip on the division and even their hopes for a playoff spot.

            Nothing like being a -10 point favorite against the Jets and not covering. That really shows to me that Vegas is seeing that Josh Allen may be more human than we all though early on. He will consistently have turnovers but that’s also because he isn’t scared to take chances and he trust his guys. We have been seeing some struggles lately that should cause bettors some concern. The team can’t run the ball to help him out either. Moss doesn’t look good and Singletary can’t make a guy miss, so Josh Allen really needs to put the team on his back. The trade for Diggs is looking more and more crucial. Cole Beasley is doing what he does best and that’s flying under the radar. The Bills defense is also better than what we saw In that first half.

             A 42.5 O/U has me worried. Plus you figure it’s a divisional game and both teams have a lot to play for. Bill and his Patriot’s defense have always held the boys in Buffalo in check. A close friend of mine called this line goofy, but I think the Bills can cover. The under has hit 7-3 In their last ten matchups. I think Allen goes out and wants to prove to everyone that he is legi and that this team is legit. I see Josh Allen showing the world he’s capable of leading the path to the division title. (Bills -3)

Pittsburgh Steelers 6-0 @ Baltimore Ravens 5-1 (-4)

            Just wow. What a game by the Steelers. Offensively they looked sharp, the defense showed some human side, but overall didn’t break. To me the real key is the wide receiver group. It’s such a selfless group of guys who willing to do whatever they can to assist someone else in getting open and making plays. “For me, it’s more so about the team, the atmosphere. If our defense is having fun and they’re doing their job, offense is having fun, my teammates are having fun, and I come in with the celebrations.” That was a quote from JuJu when asked about his role with the team. I know it’s not much, but in a contract year that speaks volumes. His selflessness to help the team speaks to how bought in some of these guys are. When you look at Baltimore, they have shown the ability to get beaten in the air. The Chiefs threw all over that team, and the Eagles were able to come back thanks to Wentz. Big Ben knows what it takes more than anyone to beat this franchise. All of that being said and Baltimore are a four point dog??

             Baltimore can look like two different teams at times. When they have a lead, look out. Lamar can just hand the ball off or find the hole in the zone defense with his legs. Pick and pop when he needs to and Hollywood blows the top off. The defense can also be aggressive, and Yannick Ngakoue should pay off instantly. Even with that said, I am still confused as to why they would be such heavy favorites. Ben just proved that he can play on the road. In Lamar’s lone game against Pittsburgh, he threw 3 picks and 5 sacks. They won in OT, but that was also with scrubs at QB for the Steelers. So, then you should ask yourself, do you trust the offense in Baltimore to jump to an early lead over Pittsburgh?

               My answer is no. Pittsburgh is too good of a defense. They are too disciplined, the offense looks consistent, and overall they just seem to locked in. Baltimore will make this interesting. No MLB to spy on Lamar will be tough, Minkah will need to be big and I expect big things. Take the Steelers +4 and to win.

 San Francisco 49ers 4-3 @ Seattle Seahawks 5-1 (-3)

            I will continue to be surprised seeing this San Fran team do so well. When you saw how bad they were against Miami or Philly, it’s understandable to have some hesitancy with this franchise. But then you see them run through a solid Patriots defense or Jimmy G finding some magic to throw 3 touchdowns against the Rams. You can just never trust what team is going to show up sometimes. The defense will have some holes but, that is totally understandable. The injuries this year aren’t stopping them from being 3rd in passing yards per game and top 10 in points allowed. These guys still appear to be locked in and up to the challenge of trying to stop Russel Wilson. The past two years they have generally kept him in check. Only allowing more than two passing touchdowns once and never topping more than 250 yards over the last five contests. They know what they need to do to win this important divisional game, but will they?

            Seattle is coming off a very tough loss to Arizona. A game In which they appeared to have it in the bag, but that terrible defense failed them yet again. They made Kyler look like an MVP candidate, Dak lit them for 474 yards, Matt Ryan balled for 450, and, hell, even Cam threw for 397. How far can this team go allowing 479 yards a game? That’s by far the worst in the league, alongside being at the bottom 10 in points per game allowed. And if Russel wasn’t on this team, I don’t even think they would be .500. He means more to any franchise in the league, in my opinion. Can he actually carry them all year, or will he burn out in the end?

                Even if Russel does burn out, I don’t know if it will happen this week. San Fran is coming off a very successful showing against New England, but I doubt they will have the same luck. I’m not thinking this will be anything like the Miami game, but the offense in Seattle should be able to put up 30. Seattle only getting three seems like a gift. Take it and run with it.

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