NFL Power Rankings - Week 3


1. Buffalo Bills

I think it’s safe to say last year’s stunning playoff exit has left a bad taste in Buffalo’s mouth. This season’s goal is clear.

2. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs don’t seem to be having any problems getting over “The Hill”. This team looks hungry.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This team looks very motivated. Especially on defense.

4. Los Angeles Chargers

Some bad breaks and an extremely costly play prevented the Chargers from leaving Arrowhead with a win in a game where they looked like the better team.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

There’s a palpable energy around this team. Jalen Hurts is on a mission.

6. Miami Dolphins

This team has officially turned my head. Winning a game in which you trailed by 21 in the 4th quarter will do that.

7. Los Angeles Rams

A dominating victory almost turned into an embarrassing defeat. The defending champs need to wake up.

8. Green Bay Packers

A bad loss followed by a dominate win. Which version is closest to the truth?

9. Baltimore Ravens

Lamar Jackson had 437 all-purpose yards and 4 TDs… but lost the game. Which side gained leverage in Jackson’s contract negotiations after this massive choke job in which Jackson put up monster numbers?

10. Minnesota Vikings

New coach, same inconsistencies.

11. San Francisco 49ers

The Niners & Jimmy G stayed together for the kids, and it looks like that was a good call. Lance is done for the season, so we get another year of the Jimmy G experience.

12. Arizona Cardinals

Cardiac Cardinals. Arizona used a massive 4th quarter comeback against the Raiders to win in overtime and avoid an 0-2 start. 

13. Dallas Cowboys

Just goes to show, you shouldn’t Rush to judgement.

14. Denver Broncos

Broncos Country, ya’ll alright?

15. Las Vegas Raiders

The hype around this team is turning into worry. This 0-2 start feels more like 0-4 considering the division they play in.

16. New England Patriots

Not the caliber of New England team we are accustomed to seeing, but they aren’t nearly as bad as some people would have lead you to believe before the season started.

17. New Orleans Saints

We all got a look at vintage Jameis Winston on Sunday, and it wasn’t pretty.

18. New York Giants

There’s a lot of optimism around this Giants team after a 2-0 start. They will have a difficult test on Monday night which should show if that optimism is warranted.

19. Cleveland Browns

I know it’s not exactly original to make jokes about the Browns, but they’re practically becoming a parody of themselves.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

An ugly offensive outing against New England has turned up the volume on the “We want Kenny” chants. With the AFC North looking weaker than expected I wouldn’t shut the door on the possibility of seeing Pickett under center. 

21. Cincinnati Bengals

I think their Super Bowl appearance made some people forget about some of the issues this team had last year – and they’re currently on full display.

22. Detroit Lions

The offense is there, but I think the defense missed the train.

23. Washington Commanders

This defense isn’t doing Carson Wentz any favors.

24. Jacksonville Jaguars

Things are looking up in Jacksonville. Trevor Lawrence is making progress and the off-season spending is already paying dividends.

25. New York Jets

Two questions. Should we bring back the “Joe Flacco is elite” t-shirts? And do they come in green? 

26. Chicago Bears

I’m not sure what the game plan was, but it wasn’t a good one. Justin Fields needs some help.

27. Indianapolis Colts

Shoulda went with Wentz? It’s only been two games… but maybe.

28. Tennessee Titans

The departures during the off-season have made for a painful start for the Titans.

29. Seattle Seahawks

This past week was a major letdown after spoiling Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle.

30. Houston Texans

There’s still a lot of work that needs done, but Dameon Pierce looks promising.

31. Atlanta Falcons

It’s 4th down. The game is on the line. Why would you throw at Jalen Ramsey?

32. Carolina Panthers

The Baker Mayfield experiment is off to a horrible start. 

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