Brock gives his Power Rankings for the final time this year as we approach the NFL Postseason.

The Ravens finish the season at #1 in my power rankings. They hold the best record in the NFL and the #1 seed in the AFC. However, we’ve seen Baltimore struggle coming off the 1st round bye in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised if history repeats itself.

Like Baltimore, the 49ers hold the top seed in their respective conference. Unlike Baltimore, I don’t think that this will affect their postseason performance, as San Francisco is my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

The Cowboys enter the postseason aiming to prove that this team is finally “different”. They will face Green Bay in Round 1, a matchup that has historically given us some instant classics.

The Lions were expected to take the next step this year, and they sure did. They finish the season 12-5 and will be playing at least 1 playoff game on their home field.

I’m not sure what’s going on here. Emmanuel Acho has been emphatically pointing to Sirianni’s misuse of players on defense, but that wouldn’t explain the offensive struggles.

Despite struggling at times this season, the Bills emerged as the AFC East champion. They also have had to overcome some key injuries. They enter the postseason playing quality football, and they are my pick to win the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs are another top team that has had its share of struggles as of late. They will need to address those for their matchup against Miami, as the Dolphins can quickly capitalize on their opponents’ mistakes.

The Dolphins had a run at the top AFC seed, but the inability to defeat quality opponents did some damage to their efforts. Miami only has 1 quality win this season, which came against Dallas. This is worrisome. As are some of their injuries. But this team’s speed and explosiveness makes them a threat.

Joe Flacco has been resurrected, and as a result the Browns are in the playoffs. Anyone have that on their bingo card?

The Rams clearly overachieved based on their preseason expectations, but is this team dangerous? We should find out this weekend when Stafford travels back to Detroit to face his former team. There is no shortage of hype for this one.

CJ Stroud has already begun building his legacy in just his rookie year. The Texans postseason began in Week 18, as their matchup against the Colts was of the “do or die” variety – and the rookie QB did not disappoint, throwing for 264 yards and 2 TD’s as he led his team to a playoff berth.

Mason Rudolph pulled off an amazing feat and resurrected this team from the dead. The Steelers clinched a playoff  berth in Week 18 with a win over Baltimore’s backups, as well as some outside help from the Titans. This feel good story won’t last long, however. The Steelers are 10-point underdogs on the road against Buffalo. They will be entering a hostile, unforgiving environment, and while I think the Steelers will stay within the spread, I expect Buffalo to control this game from start to finish.

The Bengals season ended up being a disappointment, but I don’t think anyone expected much noise after Burrow went down.

The Seahawks won in Week 18, but their season came to an end. I have to imagine Seattle will be looking for Geno Smith’s successor before the 2024 season begins.

After a sluggish start, Year 1 of the Jordan Love era will end in the postseason, we just don’t know when. He will face Dallas in Round 1, a matchup which has given us some amazing games in years past. Can he continue that tradition?

The Saints were kind of in no man’s land all year. They had a shot at the division, but couldn’t get the help they needed from Carolina.

The Bucs got it done in the final week, beating the Panthers 9-0 to win the NFC South. Baker Mayfield has been a pleasant surprise, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him get it done once again against a reeling Eagles team.

The Jags just needed a win against Tennessee and they would be a playoff team. Unfortunately, they played a dud of a game and were eliminated by their division rival.

You gotta just remove Antonio Pierce’s interim tag, right?

I would not want to be Tyler Goodson this week. Talk about dropping the ball.

The Broncos tried to make a run at the postseason, but the damage from the early portion of the season was too much to overcome. I’m sure Broncos fans are excited for next season after some of the flashes this team showed this past season.

Now begins another offseason of waiting to see what Aaron Rodgers can do in a Jets uniform.

I like Justin Fields. I think he could be a serviceable QB. But it would be tough to pass on Caleb Williams.

The Falcons season, and playoff hopes, ended with a loss on Sunday. Arthur Smith was subsequently fired, and now Atlanta will search for a coach that can succeed with some the young talented players on this roster.

The season began with a slew of losses, and after that, injuries mounted. This was a season to forget for Vikings fans.

A bummer of a season for the Giants ended on a high note with a win over the Eagles. Now we wait and see if next year’s Giants team has a similar roster to this year’s.

The Titans and Steelers fanbases joined forces on Sunday, and the result was a Titans win. They eliminated the Jags by a score of 28-20, on an afternoon where we saw Derrick Henry say an emotional farewell to Tennessee.

There are a lot of questions to be answered this offseason in Arizona. Most notably, is Kyler Murray still the guy here?

Chargers fans surely have to be happy to see this horrendous season come to an end. Next year, Herbert will be healthy and there will be a new coach pacing the sidelines. Let the 2024 hype begin.

I hate to admit it, but it’s pretty clear Sam Howell isn’t the future here. I expect the Commanders to look to the draft to find the future face of the franchise.

If that was Belichick’s last game as New England’s coach, it sure was anti-climatic.

Carolina’s season came to an end with a 9-0 shutout loss to Tampa. They will now turn to the draft to try to improve their team.

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