NFL Conference Championship Matchups and Betting Predictions

Rahl Bets’ Playoff Records

Brock – ATS: (6-4) ML: (4-1)

Tanner – ATS: (5–4-1) ML: (8-2)

Shane – ATS: (4-5) ML: (5-5)

Matt – ATS: (7-3) ML: (8-2)

Jeff – ATS: (1-3) ML: (5-5)

The Wild Card round seemed too great to over come. The Bengals slaying the money on their franchise’s back, winning a playoff game for the first time since 91’. The 49ers beat “Americas Team” in dramatic fashion, and Josh Allen showed the Patriots who the new king of the AFC East is in commanding fashion. Then the NFL said “hold my beer” and gave us arguably the best playoff weekend ever, showcasing exactly why the NFL is the most watched program in the country.

Now, which player will make the move to improve their legacy? Will this be Mahomes’ chance to take another step in usurping Tom Brady’s GOAT status? Can Burrow prove that he’s the new face of the league? With all these new, young faces, this could be Stafford’s best chance at a title. Can this be the year that turns him into a lock for the Hall of Fame? Let’s also not forget this well coached group in San Francisco. Jimmy G is playing for his future here and Shanahan wants to state his case as the best play caller in the league.

With all of the different storylines you could think of, this easily feels like the hardest weekend of games to call. The crew here at Rahl Reviews has money on their mind and winners at their disposal. Who is ready for some football?

#4 Cincinnati Bengals @ #2 Kansas City Chiefs (-7)

Brock – This one is tricky. It’s not very fun to bet against Patrick Mahomes in Arrowhead. However, it’s been very fun to back Joe Burrow and his stacked receiving corps. After watching that overtime thriller that Mahomes & company won, I’m convinced that Burrow and his arsenal of targets will put up points. Toss in the fact that Cincinnati won the head-to-head matchup in Week 17, and Kansas City is coming off of an emotionally draining contest in which they lost safety Tyrann Mathieu – and that makes 7.5 points too appealing to pass up. Especially in a conference championship game. This is where it gets tricky. I took the 7.5 less than 24 hours after Travis Kelce’s game-winning TD. Since then, the line has dipped to 7 at most books. If it slips again to 6.5, I would consider targeting the total and taking the over at 54.5, or even laying the points with the team in red. Just to recap – at +6.5, focus on the total or the Chiefs, but back the Bengals at +7

Tanner – This should be a tough one, but after that offensive display by the Chiefs last week it’s hard for me to count them out of the Super Bowl. The Bengals have a more consistent defense as of late and if you’d of asked me a couple weeks ago I’d argue these two teams had offenses that are equally as good. That’s no longer the case as the Bengals struggled to do much against a Titans team that didn’t have much substance throughout the entire game. The Bengals could rebound and put some points on the board this week after relying heavily on Evan Mcpherson in the Divisional Round. I’d focus heavily on Moneyline here, because it’s hard to know how the Bengals are going to play. Give me the Chiefs, but if I had to do a spread pick I’d say the Bengals cover late. Bengals +7

Shane – Joe Burrow vs Patrick Mahomes round 2. It almost seems like people forgot that Hollywood Joe beat the Chiefs in a shootout this season. The Bengals have a strong and athletic defensive line that will have a better time getting to Mahomes than the Bills did. Mahomes, I believe, is still on a crusade with Kelce and Hill. If they are able to contain them to under 35 points, the Bengals have a chance because I will say the Chiefs’ defense have not shown me that they can perform.  I believe in this team. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if the Chiefs win because they are stacked offensively, but the Bengals have the juice. Give me Bengals with the upset and +7

Matt – I feel like on the surface, everything points to the Bengals covering the 7 points. KC is coming off of a very emotional and draining game against Buffalo. The Bengals have less pressure as the under dog and can come in playing free. Not to mention, the Kansas City Chiefs just lost to the Bengals squad a couple weeks ago. Yet, I have something telling me to ride with the man who went out there and won that game against Buffalo. It took Joe Brrrr to get 400+ passing yards and 4 touchdowns in order to win that game. Ja’Marr Chase also had to have arguably his best game ever for the rest of his playing career. Whatever domino needed to fall for the Bengals, fell. I also think Cincy threw everything at KC in that game. I think the Chiefs will come in with a defensive plan to really limit Chase in this game. I deep down don’t think this is Joe Burrow’s time. Michael Jordan had to learn exactly what it takes to win by having to go through the Pistons early on in his career. Joe will learn that you need everyone and everything to be perfect in order to win a title. It’ll come, just not right now. Call me crazy, but give me Chiefs -7

Jeff – It’s the world & Cincinnati against KC and Jackson Mahomes. Putting the outside noise aside, however, I still want to see the AFC North’s new kids on the block take it all the way and continue to prove the division is the toughest in the league. It will be no easy feat. From a betting standpoint, I see KC winning but not covering the -7. I’ll take Bengals +7 or KC ML

#6 San Francisco @ #4 LA Rams

Brock – There’s really only one play to make here. Just read my last two write ups for the Niners’ games. Once again, we find them in an underdog spot, and better yet we have another meeting against McVay’s Rams. San Francisco has just owned this matchup – both on the scoreboard and against the spread. Shanahan holds a 7-3 record against McVay in both categories, which includes the 49ers entering the game on a 6-game winning streak against the Rams. Now the streak could very well end here, but until it does you have to back the team that’s been dominating the series. Take SF +3.5 for 1 unit and throw half a unit on the ML

Tanner – The Rams allowed Tom Brady to come back with three minutes in the third and down 27-3, but only after they showcased 3 quarters of some solid football. The 49ers are a team that relies on defense, but more specifically good play calling. As I’ve continued to say about these Rams, though, they are hard to game plan for. Cam Akers hasn’t played well since his return to the field, but I don’t envision he’ll have a third straight game of misfortune. Give me the Rams to get away early and stay away late, making up for last week’s meltdown that could of cost Stafford his ring. The Rams win and cover -4

Shane – Everybody and their mother are talking about the coaches and not enough on the players. Playoff Von Miller is BACK! Aaron Donald is PRIME! Jalen Ramsey isn’t in the news and that’s surprising considering how well he’s been. Listen, I’m not saying he’s top 3, but the guy is always around the ball and has to be one of the better tacklers for a cornerback. Can Stafford push through an athletic defense? Can Jimmy G not crumble in the second half of a football game? I’m pretty torn between this one. I think this is Kyle Shannahan’s year for some reason. Give me Niners to cover the spread at +3.5, but Rams ML

Matt – This is another game where I feel like fading the public perception might be the right move. Everyone speaks on how the Rams lost to the Niners twice this year, so they can’t possibly lose for a third time. The Rams clearly have the better quarterback and defense, but I’m not totally sipping this Kool-Aide. Kyle Shanahan has won the last 6 matchups against Sean McVay and the Rams. I keep saying how this guy is my favorite coach in the league. He doesn’t even need a QB to be great. He just asks to not make mistakes. For all of the emotion I kind of skipped over for the Chiefs, I’m not going to apply the same logic to the Rams. These guys haven’t been in this moment for a while. They had to slay the GOAT in Tom Brady. I just think its not as clear as everyone may lead you to believe. I may be pushing my good luck as of late here, but give me the dawg. The fans of the Niners will travel to LA and make take away that home field advantage. Jimmy G and company shock the world and beat the Rams, covering the +3.5

Jeff – A -3.5 line is about as correct as it can get. Both teams have high powered offense weapons that need to come out full force to shine. They both have key defensive players that need to do the same. Jimmy G, Deebo, and Kittle can pave the way for the Niners. Stafford is looking to prove he’s always deserved this with the help from Cupp and OBJ. I think the Rams’ defense is just a tad more stacked and I think this game comes down to a last minute TD pass. Give me Rams -3.5

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