Tanner reviews Madden 24 and breaks down all the major changes

The NFL season is right around the corner, which means Madden season is upon us. If you purchased the Deluxe Edition of the game, then you’re able to play August 15, while the standard edition releases on August 17. Regardless, if you have EA Play then you have the 10-hour trial and can play the second everyone else has a chance to. I’ve exhausted my 10 hours and I think it’s time to share my opinion on a game that was promised to be very different than the years prior, but is that really the case?

In short, it’s a different game. It’s full of new modes and heavy changes to the overall mechanics, which I personally appreciate. With that being said, there are still many issues with this game and I’m here to discuss both the good and bad of Madden 24. Let’s dive in.

FieldSENSE, Hit Everything 2.0 & Skill-Based Passing 2.0

One of the biggest changes this year is the integration of FieldSENSE, which is basically an overhaul of the AI system. In the past, the AI would do next to nothing, resulting in plays being busted up before they could even get started. With the new awareness of the AI comes a new physics engine, allowing you to see a variety of new tackles and overall movement throughout each game. This has become one of the more enjoyable changes this year, being as I hated the player movements of the previous few years. I wasn’t a fan of what they called the new changes, but as long as they’re new and fun, I don’t really care. If you’re curious, the new changes on defense and offense are called Hit Everything 2.0 and Skill-Based Passing 2.0. These changes will give you more of a chance to make plays in situations where you’re fighting for that one big catch, trying to thread the needle in between two defenders, or making a more authentic defensive reaction.

How Is the Passing & Running Gameplay In Madden 24?

After a few hours with the game, these 2.0 changes were noticeable, but not so different that I was overly excited by any means. I ended up preferring the classic passing option, but you’re able to use Madden’s new throwing features that give you a bit more freedom. Placing the ball in the right spots are very important and, regardless of which option you choose, you’ll still be able to use button sequences to do what you’d like. You’ll quickly notice there was a major overhaul with the feel of the QB in the pocket, as you’ll now be able to scramble away from the blitz in a way that feels more authentic. Another thing I did enjoy, was that defender’s struggle to have an impact on the play if their eyes aren’t on the ball. In the past, you could throw up a pass and a linebacker, who wasn’t even looking, could find a way to intercept it. This resulted in many players being fearful to throw the ball in certain situations where you’d traditionally want to throw it.

On top of that, offensive lineman do a way better job of taking care of the line of scrimmage, giving you the holes and blocking needed to enjoy the run game as well. By no means is this perfect, as you’ll still see hiccups of the past, but you can see the changes that have been implemented from one year to the next within seconds of playing your first game.

Presentation & Graphics in Madden 24

The presentation and overall graphics are a big part of the game this year, but they can be a little over the top at times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving the graphics, animations, and transitions between plays in Madden 24. What I’m not enjoying, though, is the ridiculous amounts of content on the screen after each play. Let’s dive into exactly what I mean.

Graphics Are Great, But the Presentation is Lagging

You’ll notice that after each play you’ll have the option to skip to the next play, but it’s very late and you’ll need to hold the A (or X) button in order to skip, which I thought was odd because I’d imagine most people would rather just press the button. These animations can be cool at times, but after a while they become exhausting and ultimately end up extending the game way longer than needed. I noticed that many of the faces in the stands, on the sidelines, and even the referees are all the same as the year’s prior. Much of the announcing is also the same, but once the year goes along I’m sure we’ll see some new bits added.

The above mentioned graphics and transitions also mess with the processing of the game, resulting in your buttons having a bit of a delay at times. This has always been an issue in previous Madden titles, but it’s way worse this year around. Someone went a bit too crazy on Canva and thought they needed to populate the screen with all kinds of things. I can assure you EA Sports, most players don’t care about that.

Retro Jerseys

This is random, but you can now equip many of the old, retro jerseys that we all grew up watching. For many years, fans have wondered why many jerseys of the past, some better than what we see today, are not available to use. Whether it’s the Seahawks and their silver helmets, the Buccaneers orange, or the Patriots red and blue, there’s plenty to choose from in this year’s Madden 24.

Superstar Mode Has Returned

After EA Sports collected feedback from their players regarding career modes in recent years, it became evident that the career experience most sought after by Madden gamers is Superstar mode. I’ve personally gravitated to modes like this, but Madden always had a lackluster version of it. This year, Superstar career mode places NFL football at its epicenter, emphasizing gameplay and fostering profound progression. The cherished attributes of the Superstar mode that players highlighted as crucial, such as an interactive NFL Combine, real-time on-field assessments, and off-field advantages, are just a few of the changes integrated into Madden NFL 24’s reimagined Superstar mode. It’s here that you, the player, have the opportunity to actualize your aspirations as an NFL Superstar, but what are some things to expect throughout this newly upgraded mode?

NFL Combine

You can now embark on your path to stardom as a rookie, entering the NFL draft in the roles of QB, RB, WR, LB, or CB, with the guidance of Coach Prime (Deion Sanders). A revamped version of the playable NFL Combine has been introduced in Madden 24, designed to kickstart your journey, enabling you to display your skills through mini-games like the 40-yard dash, bench press, broad jump, and 3-cone shuttle.

The Influence of Combine Rankings

Each drill’s performance during the combine significantly impacts your draft prospects, especially in relation to how you fare compared to your peers from the actual 2023 NFL Combine. Moreover, your rewards will be determined, enhancing your ratings before the draft.

Your initial ratings, hinging on the archetype chosen at avatar creation, outline your potential outcomes for each combine drill. For instance, a nimble running back is more likely to excel at the 40-yard dash and 3-cone drill than a robust counterpart, who may shine at the bench press.

Upon completing the combine mini-games, you’ll take on position-specific drills, influencing your draft position. The pressure is on to dazzle and secure your status as a predicted top-10 NFL Draft pick.

Post-combine, the opportunity arises to partake in the Combine Interview, a tribute to past Superstar modes. Here, you’ll tackle timed, football-themed trivia questions that further refine your draft position. I enjoyed these 10 questions, and was surprised to know I wasn’t as fine tuned on my football trivia as I may of initially thought.

As you conclude the combine, your next destination is the NFL Draft. Your draft position is based on your overall performance at the Combine, as well as the positional demands of various teams. You’ll be drafted by teams urgently requiring your position’s skills, aligning with team needs before the 2023 NFL Draft. You’ll see many of the rookies of 2023, and it’s your job to try and secure a spot ahead of them prior to the Draft.

I ended up drafted by the Minnesota Vikings as a QB, and was surprised to see I was able to make an impact right out the gate. It’s a bit odd to make someone with higher skills (Kirk Cousins) sit on the bench, but it’s better than simulating games and not being able to play, like other titles with a similar mode have done. You’ll also have a default rating of around 75, so you won’t need to worry about your stats heavily impacting games in a negative way. After a few games, you’ll be able to add skill points to your player, so you’ll be able to not only compete in The League, but in the online 3v3 mode as well.

Your Play On the Field Matters

Ask any NFL player, and they’ll attest: getting drafted is merely the commencement of the journey, not the destination. Upon sealing your rookie contract, every play, quarter, and rep takes on significance. In this vein, Madden NFL 24 ushers in a fresh in-game Player Grading system, exclusively tailored for Superstar mode, delivering real-time evaluations of your performance while you navigate your reps.

These dynamic assessments illuminate your efficiency on every snap, underscoring the significance of making accurate moves at pivotal moments. The grade attained at the culmination of each drive governs the extent of your rewards, fueling your rating growth and ability acquisitions. To illustrate, here are a few examples of actions meticulously monitored through Player Grading:

  • Quarterback: Decision to Pass to Open/Covered Receiver
  • Wide Receiver: Signal for Ball when Open/Covered
  • Running Back: Execute Fake Out/Tackled for Loss
  • Linebacker: Successful Hit Stick/Faked Out
  • Defensive Back: Effective Man Coverage/Allowed Man Completion

Superstar Missions

The missions within Superstar mode places the reins in your hands, enabling you to designate which objectives to concentrate on next and which rewards to pursue. These objectives span a gamut of game goals, season aims, career landmarks, and even a handful of off-the-field surprises that reveal themselves as you delve further into your career.

Decide your trajectory by selecting which objectives resonate with you, and once accomplished, you’ll reap the corresponding rewards. Missions encompass on-field missions anchored in statistics, career landmarks, and records, team triumph and setback goals, and even extend their reach to off-field prospects. If you’re living up to the Superstar reputation everyone envisions for you, brand missions await your prowess. These missions open the doors to becoming a brand ambassador for legendary names like Nike, Jordan Brand, and Adidas. Your stellar performance directly unlocks an array of gear and accolades.

Reactions on Social Media

Beyond the field, your weekly narratives and exploits will now take the spotlight in the fresh Social Media feed, seamlessly integrated into the revitalized league news feed within Superstar mode.

Social Media interactions will revolve around YOUR persona – expect reactions concerning your recent game performance, your statistics, choices you’re making beyond the gridiron, and pertinent league updates from a range of NFL insiders, including renowned figures like Mina Kimes and Dan Orlovsky.

Within the Social Media feed, you’ll also encounter the novel MaddenCast – a dynamic live-action video podcast that provides distinctive commentary tailored to your player journey. Hosted by NFL Legends Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor, and Channing Crowder, this podcast doesn’t hold back, offering candid insights whether you’re soaring or facing challenges in your career.

Side Activities & Mini-Games

Expanding your Superstar influence beyond the game itself, you have the option to engage in Side Activities, presenting a weekly schedule of diverse prospects to enhance either your personal stats or your team’s performance. These activities encompass Community Events, focused training sessions, vital rest and recovery periods, and a cherished classic from Madden’s repertoire – Mini-Games.

Indeed, each week, you’ll have the opportunity to step onto the practice field and elevate your attributes by partaking in position-specific mini-games, including Rushing Attack, Passing Skeleton, and WR/DB Battle, among several others returning in Madden NFL 24.

Superstar Showdown

Bring your superstar and compete with, and against, other Superstars from around the world in the all-new Superstar Showdown – a new fast-paced 3vs3 football mode where you can showcase and continue to progress your players alongside your friends.

Show off your skills, gear and personality as you take your place on the flashiest stage in virtual football. The Showdown Arena puts your Superstar in the spotlight with hi-tech features like emissive gear, glowing field-art and a reactive jumbotron end-zone.

A new 3v3 twist on gameplay gets you in and out of the action faster – with no play-call screen, no first downs and a fast-to-fun ‘First to 21’ scoring format, games are shorter and more exciting. Player Grading is also used in Showdown, but tailored to fit the unique style of the mode, ensuring that your game rewards match the distinct on-field mechanics of all the different Superstar ways to play.

Level up your Superstar while earning exclusive gear and boosts in Superstar Ranked; 1v1 battles are available in Solo Ranked; or team up with other Superstars in Squads Ranked. Each event features its own leaderboard and unique ranking path with different rewards.

Superstar Showdown will be fresh all season with live events – so be on the lookout for new experiences and different game rules all year long.

Character Customization & Progression

Madden NFL 24 has undertaken a comprehensive overhaul of the character power and progression dynamics for Superstar, harmonizing the progression journey to ensure that rewards and upgrades flow seamlessly across League and Showdown modes, bolstering all your individual Superstar personas.

Each playable position boasts a distinct avatar and progression trajectory, affording you the opportunity to personalize both the visual aspects and on-field impact of each individual Superstar character. Your avatar’s physique significantly influences not only the physical attributes like speed and strength, but also position-specific ratings such as throw power and throw-on-the-run proficiency.

A brand-new addition to Madden NFL 24 is the Tiered Ability system, which intricately links ratings to in-game actions and statistics, rewarding you with heightened tiers of abilities as you augment your ratings and achieve successful plays on the field. For instance, as a quarterback equipped with the ‘Deep Throw Elite’ ability, you can enhance this ability’s tier by elevating your deep throw accuracy rating and effectively executing more deep throws during gameplay. This system allows you to creatively combine abilities of different tiers, enabling you to craft and experiment with diverse superstar builds.

New Changes to Franchise Mode in Madden 24

Franchise mode was never something I gravitated to in previous Madden titles. I was always wanting to play online H2H, or I didn’t mess much with it. I always had an issue with playing against a CPU. I thought I was wasting my time and even if I was going to play for 5 minutes, I’d rather it be against someone real. Fast forward to Madden 24 and that’s no longer the case. I’ve now become glued to this mode due to all the new changes. So let’s dive in!

Training Camp Revival

A highly sought-after feature is making its triumphant return in Madden NFL 24 – Training Camp is back and it’s coming to Franchise Mode with a fresh twist. The incorporation of mini-games brings a blend of familiarity and novelty, catering to both seasoned franchise players and newcomers alike.

At the onset of each season, Training Camp opens up the opportunity to fine-tune your roster through a series of engaging mini-games. During the beta phase of Madden NFL 24, Madden included a comprehensive list of mini-games, which they plan to refine based on invaluable player feedback. Their goal was to maintain a balance between an enjoyable Training Camp experience and a streamlined process that doesn’t prolong the wait before the start of the season.

Upon launch, Training Camp will feature the following mini-games:

  • Target Passing (Quarterbacks)
  • Pass Skeleton – Outmanned (Quarterbacks)
  • Rushing Attack (Halfbacks and Fullbacks)
  • WR Battle (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • WR Battle – Red Zone Attack (Wide Receivers and Tight Ends)
  • Trench Battle – The Long Hall (Defensive Line and Linebackers)
  • Chase and Tackle (Linebackers)
  • DB Battle (Defensive Backs)
  • DB Battle – Red Zone Defense (Defensive Backs)
  • Field Goal Accuracy (Kickers)
  • Coffin Corner (Punters)

Inside Training Camp, the process is straightforward – begin by selecting your desired mini-game. These mini-games cater to every position on your roster, excluding the offensive line. Your chosen mini-game determines the eligible players for participation. Subsequently, you can pick any eligible player, but choose judiciously, as each mini-game can only be completed once, and a player can engage in only one mini-game during Training Camp.

Upon entering a mini-game, your performance dictates the rewards you earn. Strive for bronze, silver, or gold medals, with varying accolades based on your achievement. The rewards encompass various forms, including Skill Points that empower you to upgrade your player. While Training Camp participation is optional, unplayed mini-games will be simulated with a randomized chance of achieving gold, silver, or bronze, mirroring the CPU procedure. Most of the time, simulating a mini game gives you a default award of bronze, so It’s recommended that you take the time and grind for silver or gold.

Weekly Strategies

The infusion of mini-games extends to the Weekly Strategy routine. Following the selection of your offensive and defensive gameplans each week, your focus players (excluding offensive linemen) will have the opportunity to engage in a single mini-game. While all 26 mini-games will be at your disposal, each focus player is restricted to mini-games for which they are eligible. It’s important to note that, as this task recurs weekly, the rewards are comparatively lower than those offered during Training Camp. This feature essentially functions as a modifier, enhancing the bonus focus XP for the player.

Mini-Games in Franchise mode exhibit a slight variance from those in the front-end experience. This divergence arises from the utilization of players’ genuine ratings in Franchise, with minor exceptions. Madden has adjusted the thresholds for medal attainment to accommodate this unique aspect.


Amidst the surge of high-impact trades witnessed over the past few seasons, it became evident that Madden’s trade system was in dire need of a comprehensive revamp. In my opinion, the prior system fell short in emulating the real-world trades executed by NFL teams. With Madden NFL 24, there’s now a slew of enhancements that not only add more excitement and flexibility but also amplify the authenticity of trading dynamics.

Expanded Trade Opportunities

In Madden NFL 24, the number of trade slots has doubled, going from three to six. This expansion was orchestrated to strike a balance between the realism of stepping into the role of a GM and the inherent fun of it all. While the majority of real-world NFL trades involve one or occasionally two players, Madden 24 appears to acknowledge the importance of embracing some creative liberty. Thus, you can still include up to three players in a trade package, but the trade slots can accommodate all six picks for maximum draft capital.

Enhanced Draft Pick Pool

With the capacity to incorporate up to six draft picks in a trade, Madden 24 took a strategic approach to bolster your trading resources. An extra year of draft picks has been added, allowing you to trade or acquire draft picks from the current year, the following year, and even two years down the line.

Trade Fine-Tuning

Madden has come out and said that the trade system resulted in an exhaustive review of every factor that influences trade offers and acceptances. The increased trade slots necessitated a comprehensive reevaluation of our trade tuning strategy for Madden NFL 24. Through this process, they addressed several issues that had led to inconsistencies in player valuation. The efforts have yielded significant improvements, ensuring more uniform valuation across players of all types.

Furthermore, the inclusion of an additional year of draft picks prompted a thorough recalibration of draft pick values. While crafting these values, Madden 24 aimed to simulate the well-known draft pick charts often utilized by coaches and GMs.

Enhanced Trade Offers

The “Get Offers” feature introduced in Madden NFL 23 has been refined for Madden NFL 24. It now offers a more robust functionality, aligning closely with the aforementioned trade tuning updates. This enhancement also addresses an issue from the previous year, where occasionally generated offers would not align with manual trade expectations.

When viewing offers for a player, whether on your team or another’s, you’ll find a counter offer button associated with potential trade packages. Utilizing this button will transition you seamlessly to manual trades, with trade slots pre-filled with the assets from the selected package. This empowers you to fine-tune the offer to your preference.

Commissioner Tools & Settings

Franchise players have diverse play preferences. Some go solo, while others engage in multi-user leagues. After acknowledging this, Madden 24 added a new commissioner settings to Franchise mode, granting extensive league customization power.

  • Depth Chart Reordering: Toggle ON/OFF depth chart reordering. With ON, new acquisitions automatically slot in. With OFF, manual depth chart adjustment is required.
  • Draft Class Strength: Edit draft class strength under League Settings. Adjust position strengths with Very Weak, Weak, Normal, Strong, and Very Strong options. Settings influence prospects’ likelihood, affecting draft quality.
  • Offensive and Defensive Playcall Settings: Set cooldowns and play call limits separately for offense and defense.
  • Fantasy Draft Order: Opt for standard or Snake draft orders in Fantasy Draft.
  • Free Agent Motivations Impact: Customize motivations’ impact on player signings. High impact eases signing interested players, while low impact simplifies signing low-interest players.
  • Trade Difficulty: Set trade difficulty as Easy/Very Easy or Hard/Very Hard, affecting trade value requirements.
  • Home Field Advantage Toggle: Toggle Home Field Advantage effects ON/OFF during games, disabling M-Factors too.
  • Progression and Regression Sliders: Age-based progression sliders join position-based ones. Player progression and regression depend on age and position averages.
  • Free Agency Negotiations Per Stage: Commissioners set Free Agents per stage negotiation limit: 1, 3, 5, 10, or Unlimited.
  • Draft Timer: Toggle draft timer ON/OFF. Co-Commissioners can advance drafts, boosting flexibility.


Madden has undertaken a significant overhaul of the Relocation aspect within Franchise mode, aiming to enhance accessibility and breathe new life into the traditional-style uniforms that have remained a fixture in the game for an extended period.

Relocation is no longer confined to owners – the exciting news is that even coaches can partake in the relocation experience. The entire process of relocating has undergone a transformation, now empowering you to make decisions on your new city, team branding, and stadium immediately after opting for relocation. Once your stadium preference is chosen, the relocation concludes, seamlessly transporting you to your freshly selected city with your revamped team. And there’s more to look forward to, like the option to relocate again once next season kicks off.

An exciting expansion has been made with the introduction of 15 new cities, enriching the array of choices to a total of 34 cities. Among these additions are:

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Canton, Ohio
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Montreal, Canada
  • Omaha, Nebraska
  • Paris, France
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Vancouver, Canada
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

Madden 24 has implemented changes to how names and logos function, bringing an evolved approach. In the past, each city was limited to three name choices exclusively tied to that specific location. Now, name choices are untethered from the city, ensuring their availability no matter where you decide to relocate. Worth noting, however, is that the Oilers logo remains exclusively affiliated with Houston.

I’m a big fan of this and truly believe the uniform system has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously, you would select a uniform set, granting access solely to the home and away uniform. However, a fresh dynamic has now been introduced. When you make a logo choice, it unlocks access to a unique set of home, away, and alternate uniforms associated with that logo. This modification expands your uniform combinations to a total of nine per team.

Salary Cap Management

Navigating the Salary Cap intricacies remains pivotal in constructing a championship-caliber team. This year, Madden 24 has introduced two more elements: Contract Restructuring and the 5th Year Option. Harness the power of these unique NFL contract dynamics to retain young talent and pave the way for enhanced growth within your organization.

Contract Restructuring

Experience immediate salary cap relief with Contract Restructuring. This strategic tool allows you to decrease a player’s current year salary, redistributing the funds as a bonus across the remaining years of their contract, including the current year. While this approach eases the salary cap burden in the present, it should be noted that it also raises the overall value of the remaining years of the player’s contract.

Throughout the season, Contract Restructuring can prove essential in securing free agents or facilitating trade acquisitions. During the offseason, it extends its utility to player extensions or substantial signings in free agency, scenarios that were previously hindered by the team’s cap constraints.

However, not all players are eligible for contract restructuring. To qualify, a player must possess multiple years remaining on their contract and earn above the league minimum salary. Additionally, NFL rules dictate that players on rookie contracts cannot undergo restructuring until they complete their third season in the league.

Franchise mode simplifies the restructuring process. Eligible players gain an extra “Restructure” option on their player card, streamlining the process. Furthermore, a single-button Restructure choice is available on the Team Salaries screen. Before finalizing any decisions, a preview of the impact on the current salary cap and future year increases is displayed, ensuring informed moves.

5th Year Option

Embrace the 5th Year Option, accessible to all players chosen in the first round of the NFL Draft. This choice empowers teams to append a fifth year to a rookie’s contract, determined by their position’s salary standards and Pro Bowl accomplishments. The 5th Year Option must be accepted or declined by the team after the player’s third season in the league but before their fourth season begins.

Addressing previous iterations, the 5th Year Option Scenario encountered in offseasons has undergone transformation. Integrated seamlessly into the Re-Sign system, it now graces screens for both users and CPU-managed teams. During the season, eligible players are featured at the end of the Re-Sign list, showcasing their projected earnings for the fifth year. Once the offseason arrives, these players return to the list with updated final earnings on their card. This juncture marks the ultimate decision point – either embrace the option for crucial roster components or opt for the conventional player extension approach in the following season.

Talent Tree Expansion

In Madden 24, Head Coaches, Coordinators, and Player Personnel are now equipped with comprehensive Talent Trees, each featuring three complete branches. This introduction of new Trees comes with a renewed focus on choice. Most Trees now adopt an A and B path system, where your decision commits you to one path, barring you from accessing Talents on the opposing side of the Tree. These pathways are strategically designed to align with specific playstyles or themes, ensuring that every choice is distinctly outlined.

Head Coach and Player Personnel

In the realm of Head Coaches and Player Personnel, specialization takes center stage. You can now hone in on either offensive or defensive position development. This translates to options such as Training XP enhancement for Coaches or improved signing likelihood within your Player Personnel department.

Offensive & Defensive Coordinators

The landscape for Offensive and Defensive Coordinators has undergone a comprehensive transformation, introducing 12 new trees for each. The amalgamation of these trees births experts in diverse playstyles, revolutionizing staff development to extract the utmost potential from your roster. Featuring 2 playstyle-focused trees and an additional singular positional “Guru” tree, the coherence between your chosen coordinators and your team’s game plan holds heightened significance. Making certain that the coordinators align with your team’s strategy is now more pivotal than ever.

Final Thoughts & Review

There’s not many options when it comes to football video games. You’re stuck playing EA Sports Madden, and over the last few years the newly released titles have felt more like a roster update. This year, I can honestly say that’s not the case. With Madden 24, I believe you have a more realistic football experience. One that feels authentic no matter which mode you decide to spend time on. The overall mechanics on both sides of the ball has somewhat altered my opinion of the development team at EA Sports. I’m starting to see that some people within the team know what they’re doing, and with each year moving forward, we may finally get something more than the year prior.

I’ve enjoyed Madden 24 and believe it’s one of the best titles in a while, being as 2005 was the last Madden I enjoyed. I would get lost in the old mini-games, listening to the soundtracks with pop-punk music of the early 2000s, while I grind to get the highest score. The Madden 24 soundtrack may not have Fallout Boy and Newfound Glory, but it does have a few songs I enjoy. Even if I don’t like a song, I have the option to just listen to apps like Spotify while I play.

I believe the graphics, gameplay, and modes will keep you occupied for most of the 2023 NFL season, and possibly even beyond. It’s still not perfect, as I have noticed a great deal of processing delay throughout each game, alongside a few hiccups with AI that resembles issues from previous titles. Regardless, I see the changes and I enjoy them. Not to the extent that this game is great, but it’s good enough to keep me occupied for the next few months. I’m sure once the AAA FPS titles like Modern Warfare III come out in November, I’ll put it away. For now, I’m going to enjoy grinding my Superstar character while playing an occasional online H2H match with my Pittsburgh Steelers.

I’d give Madden 24 an 8/10.

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