Tommy Fury defeats Jake Paul by split decision after 8 rounds

A modern day boxing rivalry finally came to a head this Sunday afternoon in the cruiserweight division. The fight took place in Saudi Arabia on February 26, 2023, between both YouTuber Jake Paul (Problem Child) and Tommy Fury (TNT).

The First Round

Tommy started off the fight looking like the better boxer. Paul continued to wrap up Fury in hopes of calming him down a bit. Fury found a way to counter this by allowing the referee to separate them and the moment he did, he would combo Paul. Paul relies too much on his right hand and Fury takes advantage of it. Fury wins this round comfortably.

The Second Round

Some quick left jabs from Tommy Fury kept Paul at bay. For some reason, Paul continued to put his head down and throw power punches that could be easily seen from a distance. Cautious attacks and straight jabs helped Fury take the round, but it was close.

The Third Round

Paul begins the round with some power body shots on Fury. Paul’s right hand struggles after about a minute in due to Fury moving back and forth often. Shortly after, the right hand connects more for Paul due to poor timing from Fury. Paul takes the round with Tommy appearing to get a bit of rest.

The Fourth Round

Logan Paul makes some awful comments about the Fury family in-between rounds, which more than likely motivated Tommy Fury. He appeared more composed and continued to pick apart Paul like he did in the first two rounds. The left and right combo worked early, which resulted in Paul having to wrap him up. Some great head movement, followed by the left and right combos lead to Fury taking the round easily. Fury punches Paul in the back of the head, though, which goes without warning.

The Fifth Round

Paul begins the round with some well timed left jabs. Fury begins to catch on and counters the jab, which results in Paul wrapping up Fury once again. Paul lands a nice shot and Fury begins to bobble his head. Paul takes the bait and is continuously countered by Fury. The frustration leads to Paul hitting Fury on the back of the head, losing a point in the process. Paul now knows he needs to go all in and begins throwing HAYMAKERS that do not connect. Paul returns to the left jab, but the point deduction results in Fury taking the round.

The Sixth Round

Tommy Fury comes in aggressive and Paul makes him pay with some nice combos. They wrap one another up and quickly slow things down. After some back and forth head movement from both fighters, Fury comes in with a nice upper cut that humbles Paul a bit. Paul returns to the left jab, but is pieced apart each time by Fury. When the fighters wrap up, Fury puts his arms up in hopes of being separated. Shortly after, Fury is deducted a point by the referee for a reason I have no clue, but finishes the round strong.

The Seventh Round

I have Fury a good bit ahead going into this round, but the judges thought things were closer. Fury combos up Paul, but nothing lands too clean. Paul wraps up Fury in hopes of slowing him down and half way through this round it’s pretty even. Fury takes his time, giving him the advantage. Paul keeps his distance, waiting for a time to throw the power punch. Fury sees them all and counters accordingly, taking the round.

The Eighth Round

Both fighters come out throwing a combination of power punches that connect. Jake Paul follows with some clean left jabs that eventually wobble Fury back. It’s considered a down and the score cards are now relatively close. With both fighters suffering a point deduction and Paul getting a knockdown, one may think the fight is even. Because of this, both fighters look to throw the big one. They eventually wrap one another up and the final bell rings, with the decision now to the judges.

Jake Paul wobbles Tommy Fury in Round 8
Tommy Fury returns to his feet in Round 8

Who Won Between Jake Paul & Tommy Fury?

The Fury corner appeared very calm as we sat back and awaited to hear the results. We’re left to believe Tommy Fury is the winner and that’s exactly what happens. Tommy Fury wins the fight by split decision, with one judge, Mike Ross, scoring it 75 to 74 in favor of Paul.

I personally believe Fury won this fight comfortably. Paul has a strong punch, but he’s all over the place with his hands. He lacks good defense and relies too much on his reach. He has a future in the sport, but as of now I think it’s time to stop saying Jake Paul and professional boxer in the same sentence.

Will Jake Paul & Tommy Fury Fight Again?

There is a clause in the contract that allows Jake Paul to ask for a second fight. Tommy Fury was asked after the fight if he’d accept a second match and he said, “If he wants a rematch, he can have a rematch.” Tommy Fury gets a WBC ranking out of this fight and is curious to see what happens next as he intends on spending time with family over the next few months.

After losing the fight, Jake Paul was asked about how he felt. He began by giving his respects and asked to be noticed not by his wins, but by his losses. Paul went on to say he thought he won the fight. He then praised his family before confirming he would like to have the rematch, saying, “100%. Let’s run it back.”

Pre Fight Statistics

BoxerJake PaulTommy Fury
NicknameThe Problem ChildTNT
HometownCleveland, Ohio, U.S.Manchester, England
Pre-fight record6–0 (4 KOs)8–0 (4 KOs)
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
Weight183.6 lb (83 kg)184.5 lb (84 kg)
Tale of the Tape

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