Shout out to Ubisoft for this little gem; no in-game currancy pun intended for this free to play game. Unlock all the game has to offer without spending a dime, if you’re willing to put in the hours. For those familiar with the shark week favorite Hungry Shark, comes it’s sister debut Hungry Dragon. While the similarities are apparent, the changes to this mobile arcade/platform love child are welcome. So what’s new in the world of eating a bunch of shit, leveling up, and getting massive?

Well for starters, you’re a dragon. One of eleven progressively larger, rampaging monsters. Again, and probably for the duration of this retrospective, the core similarities are there between Hungry Shark and Hungry Dragon. But this release, which will almost certainly be expanded upon, has seemingly placed its focus on the in-game environment, rather than how many different articles of clothing you can put on a shark; here by, a dragon.

Creating a narrative: You are a dragon and you are hungry. Demolish this medieval world and progressively increase your rage to light it aflame. As well, be on the look out for Easter eggs; Doctor Who fans will find a surprise roaming around the massive release map.

The environment shines in this adaptation, adding countless edible adversaries. Whether it be peasants, witches, trolls, goblins or a larger more formidable dragon; Hungry Dragon invests its megabytes into quality and replay value.

While the wardrobe perks are a major component to the game, you are no longer forced to dress your creature head to toe to receive a buff. Outfits are unlocked as an entire ensemble, resulting in one buff.  While this may change in the future, let us bask in the simplicity while it lasts. Life as a dragon, as one can imagine, must get lonely. Ever faithful sidekicks are hatched from eggs that can be found, in game, in unspecified locations. Although these sidekicks are usually of a common quality, the probability engine gives you hope that you can hatch an egg for a killer companion.

Playing during the week of the official release, I was pleasantly surprised to see a tournament aspect already launched. The prizes are awarded to the top percentile and offer eggs and currency as a reward. Between these events, take part in rotational missions to earn gold toward your next big-ass dragon. Upon completion of these missions, there is a cool down period. You can speed these up with a short promotional video and get back to the carnage.

To me this is a reimagination of an App Store classic. It may not receive the notoriety, unless Discovery Channel institutes Dragon Week. That being said, you know what to expect! Enjoy it for its differences. Some would call them major improvements. I’m sure there will be more to come in the near future. Till then, don’t play with your phone too much.. you’ll go blind.

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