Heisman Trophy Futures & Predictions


Welcome to my Heisman post where I tell you who I like, assisting you in knowing a little more about the best players in college football, since this is the award for best college football player right? Just a friendly reminder to gamble responsibly, take care of yourself and loved ones, and drink some water. These are futures, so these are expected to grow in value as the season goes on instead of instant rewards.

Who’s Favorited to Win the Heisman Trophy?

Let’s start with the cream of the crop in CJ Stroud +200, current favorite in most sportsbooks out there as this year’s Heisman trophy winner. He leads an incredibly stacked Ohio State squad and the defense is just good enough to give CJ a real national championship shot. The always favorite pick of Alabama’s QB and especially this year’s Bryce Young at +350 is pretty solid. It’s one helluva whammy for a sport bettor because they are 4/4 with Heisman winner and national championship victory in the same season. 100 Percent of Alabama’s Heisman Trophy winners won national championships to go with their award is a great stat and something to note if you tag Bryce Young +350 for Heisman winner.  

Who Are the Dark Horse Picks to Win Heisman?

As a personnel dark horse pick and huge underdog is Will Anderson Jr. sitting at +3300. He’s going to try and be the first true defensive player to win the Heisman. Even still, the only defensive player to win it had remarkable skill on punt returns and kickoffs, shout out Charles Woodson. Will is entering his junior year and you can pretty much assume he is going pro after this year as he’s a projected top-10 pick before the season begins and I think eventual top-5 pick. Here’s some quick stats: 101 tackles total with 31 for a loss, alongside 17.5 sacks, which is basically a sack a game. He’s going to be not only your #1 edge rusher out of the draft, but probably your best defensive prospect overall. Hopefully we have another Khalil Mack on our hands when he joins the NFL.

Caleb Williams is a very interesting pick and with +800 odds, which I think will shrink as this USC team does very well this year, he is totally worth some low money as a cover for maybe some other futures. Lincoln Riley had one of the best transfer windows in his first season at the helm of USC and will enter his first game for the Trojans with one of the top teams in league. Caleb Williams is not only familiar with Lincoln Riley from Oklahoma but also showcased his elite skill last year as a true freshman so he is primed for a great season.  

As a juicy sendoff and lowkey interesting pick is Tyler Van Dyke, quarterback for Miami U of Florida, at +3300. He is a quality pick for some low risk. If there was a top 3 pick, I would definitely love that but I believe Miami U is poised for an incredible season and Tyler is set to pop off. +3300 is a great return and as you’ll read in other college football articles that I like the U a lot this year, especially to dominate the ACC. Mario Cristobel is doing everything right down there rebuilding the culture and getting the top Florida talent. He’s brought in some incredible staff so I’m very excited about this team dominating the ACC. 

Well, there you have it ladies and gentleman, a fun and insightful ‘Heisman Roundup’ while including the odds and leans that will give you the edge and hopefully winning bets. Stay tuned for more articles about this upcoming NCAA 2022-23 Football Season. Odds provided by FanDuel.  

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