Well here it is. The review I’ve been waiting months to do. The game I’ve been waiting years for. Unfortunately, I have been let down by this game more so than I’ve let down my own family. Which is a lot. After hours of gameplay I can only say one thing and that’s, “THIS SUCKS”.

Like mostly everyone who invested themselves into the fallout franchise I expected a game ahead of its time with much to do. I even had a special soft spot for this one being that I live a whole 20 minutes from Morgantown, WV, and expected to play my dream of a world I know, ravaged by nuclear fallout. I also understood that with the new multiplayer addition that it would bring some changes. I expected the changes to be good and bad, especially for a franchise that just hopped onto this style – Unfortunately, it’s mostly been bad.

Some of the things that I could not get past was getting stuck in terminals, the feeling of loneliness by only really communicating with robots and terminals, and glitch after glitch after glitch that I’m pretty certain has caused me to develop migraines. Even on the Xbox X and 4K TV (weird flex I know) the graphics were extremely sub-par and the map takes forever to load.

Aside from the negatives, and hopefully assuming they will be fixed in updates to come, I did manage to find a couple positives in the new installment. The perk system works well if you are able to squad up with teammates that equally know their role and can adjust their personal perks to correspond with yours. I also liked that you could move your entire camp around the map for a cheap price. You pay in bottlecaps instead of having to build a fortress in one special location of your choosing and running back there time after time, which I enjoyed. The addition of adding unique character customization, with specific outfits, also fit well especially if you could correspond something similar while playing with a gang of your friends. Other than those, I must say the game is genuinely hard to play and I recommend either waiting for future updates to fix the issues or just chalk it up as a loss and hope for the best with the next installment.

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