Sometimes when I hear about a fun new “free game”, I get a little skeptical. Yeah there are hits likes Fortnite and Warzone but for those two there are 60 others that you never touch. You also run into the problem that some free games have that is essentially “pay to win.” I’m loving a lot things about Fall Guys. I think it could be a staple in your rotation of games.

       It’s a very simple game honestly. You start out with 60 players and drop into an obstacle course. The courses have multiple quirky little challenges to slow you down from making it to the finish line. The controls are easy as well. You are just jumping, running, diving and grabbing opponents. The hardest part is timing and 59 other goons who are trying to fit through the same tiny ass doorway. Some courses have you jumping from one turning platform to another twisting platform and if you fall, you go back to the checkpoint. Sounds easy, but that’s what makes it so aggravating when you come up ever so short. Another one has you maneuvering on a rolling log all while dodging traps and people to avoid elimination. The games themselves are rather quick as well. Players get eliminated at the end of each round until one person is crowned the winner. 

            The games will vary as you progress through the level. Fall Guys also features games that break down the remaining players into teams and compete to move on. All in all the multiplayer is fun. You can have a max party of four if you wanted to play with friends but solo is just as fun. Now because the game is new it will have some flaws to the network. A couple times I progressed but was kicked out due to “network error.” Now that could be my internet I’ll admit, but it wasn’t too much of a bother. You can drop in a game in less than three minutes and test your luck again.

             As you complete each game your awarded xp and VC. The leveling system rewards you each time with different color sets and skins for your little tic tac with arms.You can pay for skins and little celebrations but you don’t have too. The skins have no factor in the outcome. I kind of like the customization they have started right now. As the game goes it will only improve on that and give players more to want. They use a very humorous touch that I can appreciate. It works well with the layout of game.

             The graphics are childish in nature but if you think about the game your playing, it works. Very bright colors mix with simple but fun designs to give the game life. The waiting time in between games is very minimal honestly which is another huge bonus. You don’t feel like your wasting time waiting for something to happen.

             I think the game has a solid base line right now. The potential is limitless with the addition of new maps and game modes. Now as you play more and more I will see some maps can seem repetitive. I think it could even be more fun with more people than 60 but with map sizes it works.

            For a free game I don’t really have a lot of complaints. It runs relatively smooth despite the amount of people playing currently.  The style reminds me of playing Mario Party as a kid. Mario Party was one game that me and my mom played together for hours and had the best time. I would recommend this to any one of my friends because I want them to play. I don’t know about you but watching my friends fall short on a simple jump makes me die from laughter. The competition and randomness of the games is slightly addicting.

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