For starters, I’m a huge fan of comedy. I’m someone who likes to look into the humor of all dark and disastrous things in hopes of bringing some kind of light to them, if only for a small period of time. With my attraction towards comedy, I have another for rap and music in general. Music is something that assists me in forgetting all the terrible things going on in my life, and it allows me to tune it all out and just exist, allowing me to focus only on the things that matter and bring me joy in the moment. I found this in FXX’s Dave. When I knew of this show, I became instantly excited. I have been a fan of Lil Dicky for a period of time now and actually lived 5 minutes from the town in which he grew up, near Philadelphia, for a few years. Dave is someone who has a very different way of approaching the rap game, but it was his way. He has a creative mind that allows him to integrate humor into his rap that is unlike any rapper before him. With that creative mind, Dave Burd was able to obtain the green light for a show that allows you to get an idea of the come up that was and is today – “Lil Dicky”. 

You’ll have a pretty good idea if the gritty humor of Dave is for you within the first three minutes of the pilot episode. Here are you in the doctor’s office, where a doctor is about to look down and inspect Dave’s genitals. Before he’s able to do this, Dave (Burd) explains the origin story of his penis and all the terrible things wrong with it, but you get an idea that it has made him who he is today. He comes off slightly ashamed, but at the same time gets you to understand that he has also embraced it. Dave hasn’t only embraced all the scars and abnormalities of his penis, but he’s found a way to turn it into a joke as well. The penis joke I’m referencing is scattered throughout the whole series. The clever part about it is that the people in the show will respond to Dave as though you would, pending you don’t know him, but that’s the big problem. Dave is his own person, with his own ideas. He doesn’t want anyone to influence his ideas in a way that results in him being someone completely different. It appears as though the show may initially want you to think some kind of negative way towards Dave – maybe laugh at him, or not even take his rapping career seriously. The end game though is to showcase to you that there are two sides to this main character. One side is his actual persona, Dave. Dave is someone who was picked on and treated like shit throughout his life by friends, who just looked at him as a joke. Lil Dicky is a persona of the person that everyone thought Dave was, only cleverer. 

You’ll see Dave interacting with different celebrities throughout the series. All of which seem to not take him seriously when it pertains to Lil Dicky and whether he can rap. Dave is struggling to produce content, but the content he does produce is really good and/or heavily misunderstood. You’ll follow him throughout his come up as he makes friends with certain people who either heavily influence him or bring him down in some way. Throughout the series, Dave will meet a handful of cast members that are important to Dave and his life and/or career in some way. You’ll meet Dave’s girlfriend, who is trying to understand her boyfriend’s career path but is limited to what he tells her about it. You’ll meet Dave’s best friend, roommate, and manager by the name of Mike. You’ll also dive into the backstories and lives of Dave’s hype man GaTa, his engineer Elz, and also a graphic designer by the name of Emma. These people play a vital part in Dave’s come up in the rap world, and it’s with their help that he can progress in the rap community and become the respected rapper, and human being, he’s always wanted to be. 

So, what exactly is the show about and why should you give it any of your attention? Well, the show allows Dave to showcase to the world that being two-sided can be beneficial when it comes to being creative. Dave utilizes his rap persona of Lil Dicky to be this off the wall and out-there character, while utilizing Dave to balance it out with his level and clear-headed thinking. You’ll consistently laugh as you see how Dave approaches the rap industry, as well as how he interacts with his friends. You’re going to get the obvious dick joke every once in a while, but you’ll soon see that this show can go from being hilarious for episodes at a time to all of a sudden having you feel some emotions. The show can become very dark at times, but in these moments you’ll get to see how real this lifestyle can be. You’ll get an understanding that the people associated with this show aren’t interested in just making you laugh. They’re wanting to tell you a story and that story is the come up of Lil Dicky and how he’s about to change the rap game forever. I’m tired of the rappers in the world today, with their mumble rapping and false back story. With Dave, you have someone who can genuinely rap and at the same time come off very relatable to an average person. He may not be the kind of rapper you’re into, but he’s real and that’s very difficult to find in the music industry anymore. If you’re looking for a different take on not only comedy, but music, then give this show a chance.

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