NFL Week 13 Predictions

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have finally come to a contract agreement. We always knew the Cowboys wanted this to be a priority. Cowboys fans hoped Jerry Jones saw what happened to the offense when Dak wasn’t at the helm. Dak led the team to 36.1 points per game, where as the mix of Dalton, Gilbert and Dinucci could only achieve 20.2.

        With them being in a ‘win and you’re in’ game in the final week of the season, how easy could it of been for them to win that division with Dak? It was clear that resigning Dak was the smartest thing for their franchise. 

        He signs a four year 160 million dollar contract. The deal can go up to 164 million, but the number that jumps off the page is the 126 million of that contract is guaranteed. That is a hefty price to pay, but I’d imagine that the Cowboys will be able to restructure that down the road to help alleviate cap space when needed. After this two year battle, Dak finally gets paid like a top tier quarterback. 

       So with this contract, what is the expectation in Dallas? I would say, hands-down, that it’s playoffs all four of those years. This now puts all the pressure on Dak and Kellen Moore to match the magic of 2020, and take advantage of the weakest division in the NFL.

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