The Nintendo Switch has become the core console when it comes to playing indie games, as well as a growing library for classic Nintendo games. There are also some major AAA titles that have hit the switch, such as Zelda BoTW, Super Mario Odyssey,  Splatoon 2, the list goes on.

Even with so many great titles on this console, there are a few that seem to stick out more than the rest. My favorite indie, and honestly a game that is in my top three favorite games on the Switch to play, is a 2D action platformer called Chasm.

Chasm is an excellent time killing Metroidvania action/adventure game developed and published by Bit kid Inc. Every new start throws you into your own unique and randomized map. It has in depth RPG elements mixed with an artistic and gorgeous world, character, and enemy design.

Even with a newly randomized map upon starting a new game, the enemies and bosses will never change. This makes it so that the replay value really isn’t there with this title. On that note, I will be sharing with you some minor background information on this game, just to get an idea of what this game is about. I would like you to dive into this adventure for yourself and enjoy the story like I have.

You first start off as a knight recruit overlooking the kingdom. One day, while taking watch on one of the towers, one of your recruits finds you with important news that the commander has summoned you to his quarters. After this short conversation you find yourself trying to navigate your way through the castle. I found this very helpful and basically a tutorial type of introduction to get used to the controls.


After finally making it to commander Slixer’s quarters. He will give you the opportunity to go on a quest to help the mayor of a town called Karthas. Karthas, which is a very small mining town out west from the castle, is the castles supplier of raw materials and supplies. The mayor has claimed that miners were alleged attacked by a large beast while working down in  the mine.

The commander requests, yours truly, to go to the town of Karthas and take care of this beast and help the town and people from these attacks. And if you complete this quest you will no longer be just a recruit, but finally a Guildean Knight.

Once you travel and finally get to the town of Karthas. You find that the town is completely empty besides the mayors office, blacksmith forge, and this old pub that upon entering has all the doors locked. In this town is also the entrance to the mine, which is where the journey begins.


The level design is pretty basic, but there are multiple different ways you can head throughout these caves. It can get very confusing at times, but after traveling through each of these areas you will become more aware of which direction you have or have not traveled. There is a map to help you throughout, but for me I feel like it confused me more than it actually helped.

Each of these areas contain different encounters, such as a chest containing a new armor or weapon piece, a run in with a boss to fight, and a NPC that is caged and needs to be saved. There are a few other items these areas entail, but I will let you discover them for yourself.

I love the way the map is designed because it challenges the player to remember certain areas in the cave, that eventually you will have to travel back to once you find certain items that give you special abilities. These abilities such as double jump, or spiked gloves for grabbing ledges, help you reach certain areas that you couldn’t from the beginning. These abilities will assist you in obtaining hidden chests, other areas of the caves, as well as other NPC’s that are stilled caged.

These caged NPC’s that you will help free throughout your adventure, will also provide you with the abilities to purchase items from them, depending on what their job was in Karthas before being captured.

I really enjoyed this game for a multitude of reasons, but I am a big fan of RPG’S and a game that can deliver challenging, yet fun, boss fights. This game delivered on both of these fronts. There is a nice variety of weapon choice in this game as well. They can either be bought or found from enemies. These weapons contain different attributes, as well as the armor. This allows you have an option to build your character the way you like to play.

The boss battles, and even some randomly spawned enemies, each have their own unique way of trying to kill you. At first, it takes time to figure out the best way to kill each opponent. Whether it’s swapping weapons, or timing your movements better. The fighting can be challenging and takes a few times dying or running for your life to find the best way to defeat a certain enemy

Boss Battle
Save point statue
Equipment Menu and Stat Line

Chasm was a great experience for me. There are a ton of great indies out on the Switch Eshop right now, and there are more being released by the day. If you are looking for a great, cheap game to sink some time into, I would highly recommend using the $20 dollars your looking to spend in the Eshop on this title. You will not regret it.

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