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We are just a month and some change away from our first college football games, beginning August 27th, while going through major NIL deals, realignment talks, and one of a kind SEC coaching battles. I thought it would be a great time to write about how I feel about this upcoming season regarding Heisman picks, futures, and overall season outlooks. We are going to tackle as many as we can this 2022-23 College Football season!

NIL Deals Are Getting Players ‘PAID’ Before They Even Step On the Field

I must address the college football landscape to show all my readers where I stand. These NIL deals are basically sponsorships with payment collected after college tenure and by all rights these players deserve every bit of it. NCAA has made college sports monetized in a system that benefits the system and organizations way more than the players or student-athletes that are the driving force to building these collegiate brands. There is LOTS of money in college sports and universities are making PLENTY enough money without having to hold on to the earnings from the hard-earned work of its athletes.

With that being said, we are going to have to trudge through murky waters as we explore and solidify this NIL landscape. Especially with the transfer portal going on, the access and mobility of these athletes through the college football landscape is beyond streamlined. With Archie Manning committing to Texas, you can easily assume within 3 years he will have already garnered and earned more than a million dollars before he even takes one snap for Texas. Not only are the lights brighter but there are more than ever. 

Hopefully we finally get to a point where they realize that there is a difference between athletes and students and while education should be valued above all, they reward each for such. Before I wrap this paragraph up, I want to point out I’m a big fan of the Last Chance U series and I appreciate the outlook that the show brings.  

Alabama & Georgia Continue to Be Juggernauts

With that being said we strive into another college football season with Georgia and Alabama as the two juggernauts at the top, no surprise amirite? Another year, another group of top draft prospects that look to carry their teams to another run at the championship. Georgia, behind quarterback and national champion Stetson Bennet, will look to repeat as they return with a new defense still loaded with talent. 6-7 draft picks off that defense is going to be tough replace, but Georgia recruits some of the best and that defensive factory will figure it out most likely. Alabama, on the other hand, is carrying a chip on their shoulder from not only the championship loss, but also Saban having to bite his own tongue after some NIL comments directed at Texas A&M. Shoutout to Cincinnati Bengals running back, and Texas A&M alum Trayveon Williams, as he sets up an educational NIL class at the university to help athletes deal with the business side of college sports for which we recommend this new w2 maker.

Bryce Young at +400 to win the Heisman is an easy pick for me. Even if you tail somebody else later in the season or the favorite CJ Stroud +200 over at Ohio State, you will find a nice way to hedge your Bryce Young bet later down the road. Alabama not only grabbed Jermaine Burton from Georgia to add to their stocked WR room but Jahmyr Gibbs from Georgia Tech looks to shore up that ever-deadly Alabama backfield. Will Anderson Jr. is the best defensive player in college football and this year is going to be a show out tour for him as he builds his top 5 NFL draft stock.  

‘THE’ Ohio State Buckeyes Are Looking to Make Things Interesting

After these two, top hogs, we have THE Ohio State University. Yeah, even as a Notre Dame fan I made sure to say it the right way out of gamesmanship. We’ll meet in your own home on September 3rd for an unreal opener to the college football season. As I mentioned earlier, CJ Stroud is supposed to have a really great season as Ohio State produces another offense loaded at wide receiver with Jaxon Smith-Njigba and J.D. PicKell. Brock Browers, Georgia’s tight end and arguably best in the nation, provides extra spice to this sizzling offense.

FanDuel has a quality bet where it’s Alabama, Georgia, and Ohio State in various manners against the field. That’s 3 teams vs everybody else for good returns, -110 last I checked, due to the sheer level of competition in college football. Clemson is outside looking in but nothing on this roster really spices up the sauce. You got a stud d-line again and maybe DJ can finally fire up all this potential he has but as a national champion, I just don’t see Clemson winning it all.

Don’t forget the Fighting Irish!! Just kidding. I love em’, but I’m realistic more times than not and I see the quality and talent on both sides of the ball. Marcus Freeman is recruiting against, and even beating, the best of them. I just don’t see how this offense can make a solid dent against some of these big-level defenses. The future is truly golden, but just not in the immediate future UNLESS they beat Ohio State Week 1 on the road.  

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