Shane breaks down what's been hot in the NFL, and what is not, as we approach Week 8 of the 2023 NFL Regular Season.

Who is Hot in the NFL?

Kirk Cousins

All the rumors of selling the team with Justin Jefferson hurt, and all the misery of how bad the season is going went right out the front door with a big win over the San Francisco 49ers in PRIMETIME. Having young stud Jordan Addison, and one of the best TE’s in TJ Hockenson helps a lot, but Kirk pushed this team past a very scary defense.

TJ Watt

Thought to be the 3rd man out of Defensive Player of the Year honors behind Micah Parsons and Myles Garrett, TJ has already shown plenty to compete with those two and win his second DPOY.

Jalen Hurts’ Buttcheeks

The “Tush Push” is causing so much heat that it might end up on the ban list, but you cannot deny its effectiveness with Jalen at the helm of this dominating offensive line. The Eagles cannot be stopped it seems, as Jalen is also lighting up AJ Brown for around 110 yards a game.

Who is Not Hot in the NFL?

Derek Carr

Uh oh. The Derek Carr shine is wearing off again and people are seeing how average he can be. Look, he seems like a guy that really wants to win and knows his stuff, especially after working with Jon Gruden but come on. He could have beaten the Jags at home in a statement win.

Chris Olave

Sorry Saints, double whopper here. Chris Olave was recently pulled over doing twice the speed limit and proceeded to state that he “plays for the New Orleans Saints.” Props to the officer to just reply “And?” Not a good mistake to make after being yelled at by Derek Carr for giving up on a route.

Detroit Lions

Took their second L of the season and it was an absolute beat down by Lamar Jackson, who destroys NFC teams. You want to hope this isn’t a slip into darkness but more of a motivator to a newer play of football, as they had no chance in the 38-6 rout.

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