Shane breaks down everyone who is hot and everyone who is not from Week 3 of the 2023 NFL regular season

Who is Hot in the NFL?

Miami Dolphins Offense

Holy $#!&!!! Denver was never going to win that game. They set record numbers without Jaylen Waddle! Devon Achane and Raheem Mostert were stallions running up and down the field with the cheetah Tyreek Hill leading the way. Tyreek props all season are going to be must-bets, and he is easily the Offensive Player of the Year frontrunner.

Brock Purdy

Ole Sturdy Purdy is out here wheeling and dealing on this high-powered offense as Mr. Irrelevant – the last pick in an NFL draft. He throws a tight spiral and has a great presence in the pocket. Imagine if Zach Wilson was half as good as “Sturdy Purdy”.

Gardner Minshew

He’s back! What a win against the Baltimore Ravens, even though they are pretty banged up on the injury report. You wouldn’t think there’s much offense left on this team, but Pittman is legit and the Colts offensive line is solid as well.

Who is Not Hot in the NFL?

Denver Broncos

What a dumpster fire! Sean Payton and Russell Wilson are finding it hard to win games behind this dreadful offense and the defense’s injuries are piling up with key players like Justin Simmons, who is the leader of this defense.

New York Jets Offense

Garrett Wilson should be traded away in every fantasy league for whatever you can get. This offense has no hope with a 1-2 combo of poor QB and O-line play. They might have to break out the triple option.

Vikings Defense

This unit is single-handedly stopping one of the most powerful offenses in the league from succeeding. They also might get Kirk Cousins traded, which is wild to think about, but they have been that bad.

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