Shane breaks down what's been hot in the NFL, and what is not, as we approach Week 13 of the 2023 NFL Regular Season.

Christian McCaffrey

Two tugs for the old war hound as he is committed to pounding the rock. This dude is truly a gem, as his power and agility are both an amazing mix and one of a kind. I pray to the football gods that he stays healthy and continues to succeed in this offense.

Tyreek Hill

This guy is a beast and continues to run fast while getting injured along the way. He is definitely going to hit 2,000 yards at this rate and with “Hard Knocks” totally putting him in the spotlight and showing his true character, even I have become a fan of the guy.

Denver Broncos

Uh oh, look who is above .500 and dominating with a defense restored by Pat Surtain and Justin Simmons, who are setting up the “No Fly Zone” once again.

Detroit Lions

This was supposed to be the payback, big Thanksgiving pounding by the Detroit Lions, who have been on the receiving end for so many years. Well, those pesky Green Bay Packers done up and spoiled that, and Jordan Love enjoyed the turkey with extra gravy. The defense continues to show suspect signs and they could really use a lock down cornerback in the off-season.

New England Patriots

Losing to the New York Giants 10-7 on a late field goal that went wide left was a big spiral loss for the once apex football team, but this one is really special. The last redeeming quality of the season would be to beat the New York Jets, who they have a 16-straight-win record against and they just so happen to play them during the final week of the regular season. I don’t expect Bill to play the tank game since he is not the best at signings and drafting.

LA Chargers

Boy do these guys define the word “Fugazi”. Staley is on a seat that’s on fire and currently sits upon one of the worst defenses that have graced the NFL in 5 years. Justin Herbert can only do so much as the defense has only kept 4 opponents under 20 points this season. The playoffs are out of the picture, and it’s only a matter of time before this team gets picked apart or destroyed from the inside.

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