The guys get together to discuss the future of many NFL players, Tiger Woods’ recent injury, the recent success of the Pittsburgh Penguins, and also give their insight on Esports and how to become a relevant streamer in the world today. What are Big Ben’s plans with the Steelers going into next season? Where will JuJu end up? If JuJu were to leave, does James Washington step up? Was TJ Watt screwed out of of DPOY? Where will Watson be starting at QB going into the 2021 season? What’s the reason behind the vehicle wreck that put a golfing legend in critical condition?

Alongside this, the guys discuss the recent retirement of Daft Punk, which sparks a conversation about Electric Forrest. Jeff and Matt give some hilarious insight on their past experiences at this electronic musical festival, and the team conclude the podcast by debating the movies and TV shows that have interested them as of late. What made Daft Punk so special? What are some of the hilarious stories that Jeff, Matt and their friends experienced when they went to Electric Forrest in the past? Why does Tanner think the festival should just be called the ‘PooPoo’ Forrest? What are some details from Nintendo Direct that Vinny is interested in? Find out about this, and more, in this week's episode of The 412 Podcast!

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