The team starts off by recapping the Divisional Rounds of the NFL Playoffs before giving their predictions on the Conference Championship games going into the weekend. Does Rodgers and the Packers have what it takes to beat Brady's Bucs? Will Mahomes' recent injury impact the Chiefs as they take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills?

Following sports, Pete brings up the recent Mega Millions, which was upwards of $750 million. This leads to the question of what the guys would do if they ever won the lottery. Alongside this, the team discusses the recent backlash that Xfinity has been getting since they implemented a data cap on their internet usage per month. Many people are unsure why they'd do this, so Tanner contacts their customer service to figure out the reasoning for doing it during a pandemic.

The team concludes the episode by discussing what they've been watching on Netflix. A new hit series titled “Night Stalker” was recently released and the team gives their insight on the limited series. Who was Richard Ramirez and what exactly made him such a terrifying killer? What motivates someone to get to that point in their lives? What's with the recent intrigue in serial killers as of late? The team answers these questions, and more, in this 12th episode of The 412 Podcast!

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