In this episode, the team discusses the incident that took place on January 6, 2021, where thousands of individuals protested at the Capitol Building in Washington, DC. While most were peaceful, others decided to take advantage of their anger and elected to storm through in hopes of making their way inside of the Capitol. Once inside, chaos soon followed. 

The world looked for guidance from their president, but instead they received lackluster efforts to deter the chaos in Washington. Rather than use proper verbiage to deescalate the situation, Trump instructed everyone to remain peaceful. To some, this should have been enough – to most Americans, it wasn’t. All it seemed to of accomplished was dividing the country ten-fold. With all that’s been going on in the world, the team react to the incident in their own way and shed some light on what’s happened and what’s possibly to come. 

Alongside this, the team dives into the GM/coaching vacancies throughout the NFL, the first round of the NFL Playoffs, and break down each matchup going into the weekend as well! 

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